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Updates to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy

Last updated September 1, 2015

At Zendesk, we’re committed to making it as easy as possible to discover and deploy the Zendesk customer support platform and Zopim live chat service. In an effort to continually improve your experience, we’ve made changes to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy for customers of both Zendesk and Zopim. In particular, we are pleased to announce a consolidated set of terms and policies for Zendesk and Zopim customers. No longer will customers need to agree to separate Terms of Service for Zendesk and Zopim services or review separate Privacy and Cookie Policy associated with these services.

Effective October 1, 2015, we’ll be implementing updates to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy. For customers that purchased a subscription to Zendesk or Zopim through a reseller, we have made similar changes to our Reseller Customer Terms of Service that will also be effective October 1, 2015.

We take our responsibilities to our customers seriously and value transparency in our interactions, so we’ve put together this summary of the more significant changes. We understand it can be tempting not to bother reading these, but it really is important. Please note that this is also just a summary of the changes. I urge you to review the updated Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy carefully to fully understand them.

Here are some key highlights of the changes we have made:

Integration of Zendesk and Zopim Services
We’ve made changes to our Terms of Service to incorporate both Zendesk and Zopim into a unified contract. In particular, we’ve clarified the party with whom you are contracting for each Service, which required us to redefine the term “Service” and add a new section entitled “With Whom You Are Contracting.” This new section clarifies the contracting party, where notices should be sent, and the governing law which applies to the contract based on the respective services to which you subscribe.

Associated Services
We’ve added a new definition in the Terms of Service to better describe certain additional products, services, features, and functionality that we may provide you outside of a packaged subscription plan. To the extent these Associated Services are made available, they may be separately billed to you as described in the section entitled “Billing, Plan Modifications and Payments.”

Service Data
To better describe the data that we handle and the obligations we undertake in processing that data, we’ve changed and updated the definition of “Your Data” and replaced it with the term “Service Data.”

Billing and Payments for Zendesk Voice
Zendesk Voice is one of our favorite features. As explained in our existing Terms, use of Zendesk Voice involves separate fees based on utilization. To better serve our Zendesk Voice customers, we’ve updated our payment terms to include pre-payment and auto-recharging to streamline billing and payment.

Privacy Policy
Integration of Zendesk and Zopim Services
As with our Terms, we’ve made changes to our Privacy Policy so that a single Privacy Policy covers both the Zendesk and Zopim services.

Website Versus Service
We have updated our Privacy Policy to clarify how we treat and protect data that is collected and used from our websites as distinct from the data collected and processed through the Zendesk and Zopim services. We hope that the new structure of our Privacy Policy provides a clearer picture of the types of information, including personal information, that we collect as well as the methods we use to collect that information and how we use, protect, and share that information.

Personal Information That You Provide to Us or That We Collect
Our updated Privacy Policy provides additional detail on the types of information we collect and the purposes for which we collect such information. We’ve also added more specific information about how we and our third-party service providers use certain information to improve your experience on our website and in our services. We provide an opt-out procedure for you and provide you with information on the effect that opting-out will have on your use of our websites.

Sharing Personal Information
We’ve added more detail to our Privacy Policy on how we share your information, including personal information, with our third-party service providers and the protections that we enforce when sharing this information.

Data Hosting, Processing, and Protection
Our Privacy Policy has been updated to provide more detailed information on the purposes of our data processing, location of data processing, and storage to provide greater clarity as to how the Privacy Policy impacts your Service Data, the Agents that use our services, and the End-Users with whom you interact.

Country-Specific Information
Our updated Privacy Policy now includes specific information for users in Japan, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. We encourage you to read this section if you visit our websites or use our services in any of these jurisdictions.

Cookie Policy
Integration of Zendesk and Zopim Services
We’ve developed a separate Cookie Policy to provide even more detail on the specific cookies we utilize on our websites and in our services. We’ve now consolidated this into a single Cookie Policy that addresses our websites for Zendesk and Zopim as well as these respective services.

How We Use Cookies
Our updated Cookie Policy explains where we set cookies and how our marketing partners and we use cookies to collect information of visitors to our website and users of our services.

Cookies Used on our Website
We provide a list of cookies used on our websites, which describes the purpose and duration of each cookie.

Cookies Used in our Service
We provide a list of cookies used in our services, which describes the purpose and duration of each cookie.

Disabling Cookies
Our updated Cookie Policy provides greater detail on how you can disable certain cookies used on our websites and in our services, respectively.

Thank you for taking the time to read through the summary of these changes to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy. We are excited to now offer our customers a beautifully simple way of contracting with us for the Zendesk and Zopim services. If you have questions or concerns or ways in which you think we can improve, please let me know at