Disney Is Killing on Facebook

December 8, 2010

Facebook LIke buttonThey like Disney! All of its 100 million Facebook fans really, really like Disney! Mashable reported that on Dec. 4, the Walt Disney Company added its 100 millionth Facebook Like across its many brand, property and character pages. Fans of the main Disney Facebook page receive “everything Disney we can think of from past, present, and future. You will see things here you won’t see anywhere else!” The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, as the milestone was hit just two days before Walt Disney’s 109th birthday. Disney posted a video on YouTube providing a timeline of its FaceBook participation, as well as some facts and figures about its fans. For example, as of July 2010, Disney posts had been viewed 1 billion times in nine months, and the top four languages spoken by Disney’s Facebook fans are English, Spanish, French and Italian.