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29 customer service phrases for a positive experience (and 12 you shouldn’t say)

Pour some positive vibes into your daily script. These customer service phrases can prepare you for common scenarios so you can take your conversations to the next level.

Par Hannah Wren, Staff Writer

Dernière mise à jour February 23, 2023

Being thoughtful about the words you use during a customer interaction can be the difference between a good customer experience and an incredible one. According to the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2023, 61 percent of customers will switch to a competitor after a single bad experience. Using positive phrasing in your customer service language can help provide the great experience your customers expect so you can keep them on your roster.

Here are some excellent customer service phrases to add to your daily conversations.

Excellent customer service phrases to kick off a positive conversation

Customer service phrases to kick off a positive conversation

Incorporating positive, professional words for customer service into your daily interactions can set an upbeat tone for your team, even when handling customer complaints. These magic words for customer service can help you start each call on the right foot.

1. “Nice to meet you.”

This welcoming phrase immediately shows the customer that the call is more than a one-off transaction. Taking the extra step to introduce yourself adds value to the conversation while providing great customer service that helps build a relationship.

2. “How do you prefer to be addressed?”

Make a solid first impression by displaying respect right out of the gate. Asking how someone prefers to be addressed conveys that you’re inviting them into an inclusive environment. If their response differs from what’s on file, you can add a note in your customer service solution to better personalize your future interactions.

3. “How may I assist you today?”

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This classic customer service phrase is equal parts polite and professional, and it lets the customer know you’re ready to listen and eager to help with whatever issue they may have.

4. “I’m happy to help.”

This dynamic phrase is effective at the beginning or end of a call. The customer reached out because they needed assistance, so kicking off the call by telling them you’re happy to help can set a positive tone. They will understand that you want to guide them to a satisfactory resolution.

After you resolve their issue, you can add that you’re happy to help if they need further assistance and invite them to reach out again, making this customer service phrase a perfect bookend to a memorable customer interaction.

What to say to customers while gathering information

What to say to customers while gathering information

After greeting the customer, it’s time to practice your active listening and other customer service skills. Here are a few of the best customer service phrases to keep things positive while gathering information.

5. “Great question! I will find the answer for you.”

You can’t have all the answers in your back pocket. When the customer drops a question you need to research, this phrase lets them know you’ll do what it takes to get the answer. Take the time to get it right instead of rushing and providing incorrect information.

6. “Is it okay if I place you on a brief hold?”

If you need to take a few moments to review their account to gather customer context or reach out to another resource for help, ask permission using this polite phrase before you put the customer on hold. This quick check-in is courteous and demonstrates that you value their feelings throughout the interaction.

7. “From what I understand, the issue you’re experiencing is [paraphrase the issue].”

When you repeat information back to the customer, it shows them that you’re actively listening and processing the conversation. Summarize their issue into key points and confirm them with the customer. That way, they can correct misunderstandings or add details so you can start forming a plan.

8. “I’ve read through your previous conversations with our team.”

A major pain point for customers is repeating information, especially if they’re calling back about an unresolved issue. After reviewing previous conversations, this phrase establishes that you proactively gathered the customer’s information and context needed to seamlessly continue the conversation without requiring the customer to fill in the gaps.

9. “I would love to understand more about that.”

The more details you can collect from the customer, the better you’ll be able to properly diagnose the problem and find a solution to the root cause. This courteous phrase prompts the customer to elaborate on their issue so you can fully understand the situation. If you need to loop in a subject matter expert or manager for assistance, you can provide the necessary details for your team to work toward a solution.

10. “Thank you for taking the time to explain that.”

A complex issue may take some time for your customer to explain. During their explanation, they may relive some negative feelings from their experience. After they finish, offer an authentic “thank you” as you process the details.

11. “Please let me know if I’ve misunderstood anything.”

If your customer calls in with a new issue you never discussed in prior conversations, you may need to distill some information in real time. As you repeat and summarize their details, this phrase invites the customer to collaborate with you to ensure everything is correct.

Empathetic phrases for upset customers

Empathetic phrases for upset customers

A frustrated customer is often easy to read. Their inflection—even through messaging channels—can suggest they’re unhappy. Some customers might even tell you they’re upset. Showing empathy is crucial during these interactions. The following empathetic customer service lines can help you prevent escalation while continuing to build stronger customer relations.

12. “I understand how frustrating that must be.”

Let the customer know you are on their team and understand how they feel. This phrase suggests that you’ve been in their position before and that you understand how to help them reach a satisfactory resolution.

13. “That would upset me, too.”

This phrase validates your customer’s feelings and creates a compassionate environment conducive to working toward a solution together. Once you’ve demonstrated to the customer that their issue has merit and you would have reacted similarly, you can move forward more comfortably.

14. “I’m sorry you’re going through this.”

Being genuinely apologetic is a great way to handle angry customers and transform an uncomfortable situation into a positive experience. This phrase communicates empathy, transparency, and assurance to learn from the mistakes that led to the issue.

15. “Thank you for bringing that to our attention.”

Show appreciation to the customer for telling you about an issue you might not have known existed with this classic phrase. It’s a quick and polite way to recognize their efforts and express gratitude for their feedback.

16. “I absolutely understand why you would want that.”

This phrase works when a customer specifies their preferred solution to an issue, but it may not be something you can offer. Express your understanding of their motivations and how you can relate—then transition the conversation using other positive phrases that offer solutions.

17. “Thank you for understanding.”

If you exhausted all options and your team hasn’t found a satisfactory solution, you can use this phrase to deliver the news. You can’t win ‘em all, but expressing appreciation to the customer for understanding and embracing the outcome can go a long way toward relationship building.

Customer service lines that offer solutions

Customer service lines that offer solutions

18. “While we’re unable to do that, here’s what we can do.”

Sometimes, the customer may want a specific resolution after you exhausted all avenues to make it happen. When the answer is no, this phrase enables you to offer an alternative solution that you can provide.

19. “Here’s one way we can resolve this issue.”

This phrase allows you to offer an immediate solution and keep the conversation headed in a positive direction. This phrase will lead to a plan of action and prepare the customer with an understanding that they’re on the verge of resolution.

20. “If you can [action], then I can [action].”

If a customer is frustrated, the last thing you want to do is add a task to their plate. However, some solutions require the customer to take the first step so you can do your part. Use this phrase to politely ask them to accomplish what you need them to do to help you set the resolution plan in motion.

21. “I will make sure this gets resolved quickly.”

This phrase tells your customer that you are overseeing the plan of action and working quickly to resolve their issue. They will appreciate you taking ownership of the situation and value your customer-centric approach to ensure their satisfaction.

22. “I’ve passed your feedback to our team”

Customers want to know their feedback is being heard and taken seriously. Assuring them that you’ve looped in a team that can consider and implement their suggestions amplifies the voice of the customer and communicates their value to your business.

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Perfect customer service phrases to end a call

Perfect customer service phrases to end a call

You’ve handled the interaction splendidly and you’re ready to wrap up the call. Here are a few perfect phrases for customer service reps to use at the end of the conversation.

23. “You can expect an update from us by [date/time].”

When a customer knows you’re actively working on their issue, they tend to be more patient during the process. Providing the customer with a tangible date or time for an update can put them at ease while allowing you to work behind the scenes to identify all possible solutions. You will convey reliability and build trust by communicating with the customer when you said you would.

24. “Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with.”

Extend an open invitation for the customer to reconnect if they have additional questions or issues. When they know you’re happy to help them whenever they need assistance, the experiences they have with your brand increase in value.

25. “If you’re ready, I will connect you to the [manager or specialist].”

If you reached out to another internal resource for help with a resolution and you’re ready to connect them with the customer, ask the customer if they’re ready for the transfer. They may have another question or piece of information for you, so asking for their consent makes for a smooth transition. It’s always good practice to do a warm transfer or bring all parties on the line for introductions before disconnecting yourself from the call.

Power words for customer service

You can always add more good things to say to your customer service script to enhance the great vibes. You can inject these customer service words and phrases into any situation to improve the customer experience.

26. “I appreciate that.”

Add a sprinkle of positivity to the interaction with this statement of gratitude. Use the phrase as a follow-up to saying, “Thank you.”

27. “Absolutely.”

This magical one-word response is packed with positivity, as it conveys complete agreement with the customer. It’s loaded with confidence and a sense of reliability, and it builds trust with the customer.

28. “Definitely.”

This word reassures the customer that you will address their issue and that they’ll be satisfied with the resolution.

29. “Thank you for being our customer.”

Customer support teams are on the front lines and are often the first—and last—points of contact with your company. After a satisfactory resolution to a question or issue, wrapping up the call with this ultimate phrase of gratitude can leave the customer with a glowing experience that builds customer loyalty.

The dirty dozen: 12 customer service phrases to avoid (and what to say instead)

One or two negative phrases can quickly shift a conversation and result in an escalation. Here are customer service lines to avoid awkward interactions and dissatisfied customers.

What is positive phrasing in customer service?

You don’t always have to say perfect phrases for customer service to be successful. The key is keeping the conversation upbeat and optimistic. Positive phrasing in customer service removes negative words from conversations and replaces them with positive, confident language. These phrases prioritize what you can do for the customer rather than what you can’t, emphasizing clear solutions to achieve customer success.

Implementing positive words in customer service can:

  • Boost customer loyalty

  • Build better relationships

  • Reduce conflict and escalations

  • Enhance the customer experience

  • Raise customer satisfaction rates

Underscoring the importance of positive language in your customer service training can ensure that using positive customer service lines becomes second nature to your team.

Score success with stellar service

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Ready to take your skills to the next level? Now that you know how to pepper some positivity into your customer conversations, you can add value to your interactions and enrich every conversation.

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