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Break free with Zendesk Sunshine™

Par Mikkel Svane, CEO

Dernière mise à jour September 21, 2021

Today’s customers are moving and changing at an incredibly fast pace. They’re better connected and more informed, and they’re bringing higher expectations into their conversations with businesses as a result.

It is tough for businesses to keep up with those expectations. Too often, companies are held back by proprietary technologies and old ways of thinking. We believe our companies are at the center of the universe, and we assume that we have a full panoramic view of our customers as a result.

The hard truth is that we are not at the center, and we don’t have a complete view. Our customers have many different identities, and they are creating ever-growing amounts of data everywhere—both inside and outside our company walls.

To make matters worse, legacy CRM platforms force us into their proprietary technology. That makes it difficult, expensive, and nearly impossible to see the many different dimensions of customers and their data—a view that’s required in order to make meaningful improvements to the customer experience.

It’s time to break free from CRM systems that lock businesses into an outdated view of customers. We need a CRM platform that supports a new reality.

Welcome to Zendesk Sunshine, our new open and flexible CRM platform. We unveiled Sunshine today at our Relate conference as a way to help businesses break free.

Relate livestream

Zendesk Sunshine lets you connect and understand all your customer data—wherever it may live—and use it across your business. Sunshine is natively built in the public cloud on Amazon Web Services, which means your developers get the freedom to build your customer apps or services the way they want. Data will flow more freely through the AWS services that developers already use.

In addition, Zendesk Sunshine powers all of our Zendesk products and makes them better—such as the new Zendesk Support feature called Customer Interaction History, which gives you a historical timeline of all your customer events right in the Support interface.

Zendesk Sunshine joins two other new products launched today: Zendesk Sell and Zendesk Explore.

Zendesk Sell is our answer to sales force automation. Designed for salespeople, Sell enhances productivity, processes, and pipeline visibility for sales teams, all with the same ease of use you expect from Zendesk.

Zendesk Explore is our new data analytics tool. Explore makes it fast and easy for anyone to access analytics and insights about their customers and support teams. It’s easily customizable and works across Zendesk products so you get a seamless view of data across all your customer interactions.

It’s a new day for Zendesk: new products for new perspectives on your customers, all powered by our open Sunshine platform. It’s time for businesses to break free of legacy CRM and see their customers for who they really are.

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