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Customer service is a team sport: Introducing Zendesk Support on Microsoft Teams

Par Brianne Kimmel

Dernière mise à jour September 21, 2021

Let’s face it, we only have so many hours in the workday. And despite our best intentions, it’s all too easy to get buried in meetings, emails, and inefficient processes.

What does this mean for your customer?

Internal delays can increase wait times for your customers—not a great experience when they need answers. Without a solution, these delays can ultimately impact your customers’ satisfaction with your relationship. But timely responses don’t have to be a challenge for your team.

Don’t make your customers wait

At Zendesk, we believe communication between you and your customer should be efficient, helpful, and personal. With that in mind, we’re excited to launch an integration of Zendesk Support and the newest addition to Microsoft Office 365: Microsoft Teams.

Traditionally, customer support agents take questions offline and rely heavily on internal team members to respond to emails and remove any internal bottlenecks. Today, we’re eliminating that bottleneck by making collaboration a breeze.

When you connect Zendesk Support and Teams, you’ll have a central place for teams to collaborate in real time, helping solve problems for customers a lot faster.

This integration creates a central hub for teamwork:

  • Empowers teams across the organization to chat and collaborate in real-time

  • Creates a shared view of customer support tickets to enable faster problem solving

  • Improves average response time by centralizing real-time data and conversational views

Zendesk Support and Microsoft Teams

For example, it’s easy for a gaming company to monitor discussions from their latest release or an e-commerce company to track feedback on the free shipping promotion. This flexibility improves their ability to deliver world-class customer experiences.

In addition to real-time conversations, you also need real-time data to make timely decisions. When data flows in real time, you can respond to customer needs as they emerge—instead of dealing with an overlooked (and unhappy) customer later. Pulling in tickets establishes context from this shared view across the team because it delivers the voice of the customer to the right part of an enterprise and reduces the need for context switching by team leads and cross-functional managers. Teams allows individuals and teams across an organization to chat and collaborate in secure, real-time conversations on these emerging problems to find rapid solutions.

Because after all, customer service is a team sport. Learn more about the Zendesk Support and Teams integration.

Ready, set, collaborate

For Zendesk customers who use Office 365, connecting Zendesk Support with Microsoft Teams is simple. Click Add a tab and log in using your Zendesk Support credentials. Learn more here.

If you’re new to Zendesk, we’d love to say hello. Let’s find a time to chat!

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