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Welcome BIME Analytics Team to the Zendesk Family

Par Adrian McDermott

Dernière mise à jour September 21, 2021

We are excited to announce that we have acquired the company and team behind the award-winning BIME Analytics. They have been pioneers in the area of cloud-based analytics since 2009, and we are excited to welcome them to the Zendesk product family.

BIME Analytics is a modern business analytics platform, which includes real-time connectors to dozens of data sources and a browser-based tool for building and sharing queries, dashboards, and advanced visualizations. BIME Analytics will become the foundation of Zendesk’s customer data analytics platform.

BIME Analytics is a beautiful product and platform that feels just like Zendesk to us. Companies get started and succeed fast, and can scale infinitely as their needs grow. BIME Analytics offers transparent pricing and a free trial, enabling companies to experience the product themselves. As an added bonus, the team behind BIME Analytics is headquartered in Montpellier, France, which helps Zendesk further expand our global footprint.

We feel lucky to have found a company that shares our commitment to democratizing business software, fits our culture so well and will help us develop our love of French wine.

Try BIME Analytics for free here, and please welcome them to the Zendesk family.


What do people use BIME Analytics for?
Many things. BIME Analytics is used by companies to analyze their marketing, customer service, sales, financial and operational data; even by marketing agencies to report on campaign and social media performance to their customers. BIME Analytics’ showcase gives examples of how the product is used, and data sources show the dozens of systems that you can easily connect to.

What’s different about BIME Analytics?
BIME Analytics takes a modern approach to business analytics, leveraging the many advancements made in the last 10 years. BIME Analytics connects to live data sources, lets you build queries across sources on the fly, and communicate with stunning visualizations. When companies are ready to scale, BIME Analytics provides seamless cloud data hosting.

Can I try it?
Absolutely! You can sign up for a free trial here.

Can I use BIME Analytics to analyze my Zendesk data?
BIME Analytics has an existing Zendesk connector, which you can use to analyze your customer service data and compare it to other business metrics. For instance, e-commerce retailers can compare support volume to sales by segment, software vendors can track customer satisfaction alongside product adoption, and gaming companies can track the effect of game launches on support volumes.

What does this mean for data features like Zendesk Insights and Zopim’s new Premium plan?
Zendesk and Zopim customers will not see immediate changes. You will still have access to the great reporting features you already use today. Over time, customers will see BIME powering analytics across Zendesk products, but also adding additional capabilities for reporting on customer data stored in external sources. Stay tuned for more details.

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