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New integrations springing to life

New Zendesk app integrations are here. Learn all about how these integrations can help out your sales and support teams.

Par Eric Shen, Technology Alliances Strategy and Operations Manager

Dernière mise à jour May 30, 2024

Here are the newest integrations from Zendesk to help your team provide top-quality experiences.


RingCX (Support) provides seamless integration between Zendesk and your RingCX contact center to offer a single pane of glass agent experience. Handle inbound voice calls, live chat interactions, and more directly from your account within Zendesk. Give your agents a complete view of the customer journey so they can better serve customers. Quickly identify customers for personalized experiences. Easily create new tickets or update existing ones for faster after-contact work.

Messaging Automation by Ultimate

Messaging Automation by Ultimate (Support) uses Zendesk messaging to support your customers wherever and whenever they prefer. Ultimate’s headless automation solution lets you integrate with Sunshine Conversations to manage all of your channels in one place. It’s available 24/7 on customers’ preferred channels–from chat to email to messaging apps like Whatsapp or Telegram. Manage all brands and channels in one place to maximize efficiency while keeping a personal touch. Stay at the forefront of CX with a watertight omnichannel strategy that balances efficiency with customer satisfaction through lower handle times, higher personalization, and near limitless UX possibilities.

Translation Pilot

Translation Pilot (Support) lets you easily respond to tickets in almost every language. It is seamlessly integrated into Zendesk Support and improves your agents’ productivity. Have your agent write their responses in their native language, then hit the translation button, and it will be instantly translated into the customers’ language. Translation Pilot automatically creates comments for the original messages before translating them, so it stays as a reference.


QuoteMachine (Support) lets you create custom quotes, orders, and invoices directly on Zendesk tickets. Integrating QuoteMachine with Zendesk not only simplifies document creation and sales tracking, but also brings a whole suite of advanced sales tools to your fingertips. With access to a wide range of additional features like scheduling appointments and managing subscriptions, QuoteMachine’s integration equips you with everything you need to take your customer experience to a new level.

Additional apps added in April:

  • docsie (Support) redefines the way you create a comprehensive online Self-Service Knowledge Base, a secure Private Team Knowledge Base, and detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Enhance your ticket responses by utilizing the relevant article, opting to insert the link, embedding the article content, or crafting a custom reply leveraging the article’s insights.
  • WM CPT (Support) utilizes your Zendesk ticket to create productive tasks using the Productive API. The functionalities include creating tasks, assigning tasks to team members, and updating things like Zendesk title, priority, due date, or adding a comment. Additionally, it allows for the creation of productive budgets and services.
  • LiveX AI Assist (Support) leverages AI to provide agents with deep insights, streamline their workflow, and elevate customer satisfaction. This powerful tool seamlessly integrates with Zendesk, making it easy for teams to optimize interactions, learn from each call, and manage costs effectively.
  • Pisano CX Management Platform (Support) helps you unify and optimize omnichannel feedback collection, report in detail, deeply analyze metrics that matter, and enhance touchpoints effortlessly. Manage customer experience seamlessly across SMS, email, mobile, web, physical stores, and more on a single platform.
  • MP4 Viewer Pro (Support) lets you easily view MP4 video files directly from the sidebar in Zendesk Support tickets. Open hundreds of MP4s each month directly within your agent view, eliminating the need for downloads.
  • Advanced ChatGPT Assistance by Saasly (Support) automates your workflow effortlessly using triggers and actions. Streamline processes and boost efficiency with powerful features that allow you to create custom prompts tailored specifically to your business, employ placeholders to dynamically insert relevant data into your prompts, and even implement your custom prompts across all your agents effortlessly.
  • easy_CSM (Support) is an easy-to-use software-as-a-service tool designed for customer success and support managers to calculate a customer Health Score, with the capability to provide recommended actions for improvement.
  • AI Ticket Summary by Knots (Support) leverages the power of artificial intelligence to read and outline the content of Zendesk tickets into concise summaries. This app is ideal for tickets with extensive prior interactions, and it enhances agent efficiency and ticket resolution speed.
  • Ooma Enterprise for Support and Ooma Office for Support (Support) are business phone services that help business owners communicate with their employees and customers from anywhere with seamless continuity. Both provide an embedded CTI client, allowing users to manage and streamline their communications–all from within the Zendesk UI.
  • Preview Image Attachments (Support) allows you to easily view image files in a pop-up with no file download required. With Preview Image Attachments, you’ll immediately notice how you can seamlessly access all of the current conversation’s image attachments in the sidebar.
  • Download Recordings (Support) gives you access to hundreds of call recordings each month directly within your agent view, eliminating the need to scroll through the entire ticket. Reference past calls easily to troubleshoot customer’s needs.
  • Undo Ticket Submit (Support) prevents ticket submission and allows an agent to pause before submitting the ticket in Zendesk. Avoid mistakes by reviewing the ticket one last time before you submit.
  • Condicionais Avançadas (Support) helps you reduce the time it takes to fill out ticket fields by reducing errors made by your agents when filling out tickets. Hide non-relevant ticket fields, set fields to read-only, automatically fill fields with specific values, and more by setting individual field rules.
  • Smart iFrame (Support) lets you embed useful tools for your support representatives directly into the Zendesk Agent Workspace. Specify the URL of the website to embed, the height of the window; and the next time you open up a ticket, you’ll have access to the Smart iFrame app, which will contain an embedded iFrame.
  • Download All Attachments by Blue Canary (Support) allows you to download all attachments in a ticket with the click of a button from the sidebar in Zendesk Support.
  • Multiple Devops by IntegrateCloud (Support) allows syncing of comments, status, and other custom fields from Zendesk to Azure DevOps and from Azure DevOps to Zendesk. This will help boost your team’s productivity.

New themes added in April:

Velocity is a great theme designed for your business, combining a visually appealing interface with impressive features. Customize the design to match your business brand guidelines by setting any desired color scheme. This theme also comes with commonly used typography.

Progressive is a great-looking and highly functional theme for your business. Customize the design to match your business’ brand guidelines by setting any desired color scheme. This theme also comes with commonly used typography.

Oscar is a clean layout theme offering features such as a customizable page layout, a customizable homepage, image boxes, video boxes, custom header and footer links. This theme gets you off to a fantastic start with six (or more) image boxes that can be linked to external pages, customizable header and footer links.

Alfie has a clean and modern layout and comes with all the necessary features to help you bring your help center vision to life. The components of this theme can be translated into any language using Zendesk Dynamic Content features.

Cypress is crafted with a focus on specialists who may not have programming skills and cannot hire contractors. Special attention has been given to the settings in terms of their number, practicality, clarity, and ease of use. These settings are sufficient for 90 percent of companies looking to brand and personalize their help center.

WayWar is a versatile Zendesk Help Center template that empowers your business to create a captivating FAQ that drives Self-service.

Nexo 128 offers a modern and polished Zendesk theme designed specifically for professional purposes. With its clean and simple design and customizable pages, it guarantees smooth performance on all devices–catering perfectly to various industries. Enjoy the blend of simplicity with your brand’s individual flair.

Rexo 128 presents a contemporary and sleek Zendesk theme tailored for professional use. Its minimalist design and personalized pages ensure seamless display across all devices, making it an ideal choice for diverse industries.

Luxo 128 stands out as a Zendesk theme designed for both professionalism and aesthetics. Packed with features, it offers a range of customizable blocks and call-to-actions–all effortlessly brandable to match your style. No coding needed, making it easier to launch a customer-friendly help center in no time.

Leh is a perfect balance between style and performance. The theme boasts an elegant design. It has a perfect background image that gives your theme a super attractive and stylish look and a search box at the center of it all. It has a stunning full-screen layout with beautiful blocks and interactive design elements, which generate an airy feeling to the help center.

Lucida is designed with creativity in mind and ensures a seamless and enjoyable user experience. Its clean and stunning design catches the eye while maintaining a user-friendly interface. Its focus is on providing top-notch items and services to customers.

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