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Integration bonanza

Par Eric Shen, Technical account manager

Dernière mise à jour September 20, 2021

Work from home has us feeling isolated and stir-crazy. We hope you can nerd out and lose yourself in this month’s integration bonanza.

Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect (Support) by Voice Foundry helps you deploy the latest generation of proactive, anticipatory customer service with the newly enhanced integration between Amazon Connect and Zendesk Support. Allow agents to take calls from a single support platform by embedding a web-based softphone directly into Zendesk Support. Link callers to existing Zendesk Support end-user profiles based on the caller’s phone number. Combine AWS Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Services such as Transcribe, Comprehend and Personalize to deliver more sophisticated, proactive and anticipatory customer service.

Tenfold Embedded UI

Tenfold Next Generation CTI (Support) integrates dozens of voice platforms natively with Zendesk. By connecting your phone system to Zendesk, Tenfold enables you to recognize and respond to your customers at the moment of interaction. With features like screen pop, unified customer profile, click-to-dial, automatic call logging, local presence dialing, and more, Tenfold powers sales, support and service teams to have better customer conversations. Supported platforms include 3cx, 8×8, Alcatel, Asterisk, Avaya, Broadsoft, Cisco, EvolveIP, Fuze, Genesys, Mitel, NEC, NetSapiens, NICE InContact, Panasonic, RingCentral, Samsung, Shoretel, Skype for Business, Toshiba, Unify & More.


InstaFleet (Support) helps you manage vehicle, customer, and rental management. Integrated with Zendesk, Instafleet helps you search for your customers, view details customer information (including things like rental history and statistics), real time information about rentals, vehicle status information, issue command control (like lock/unlock door, trigger alerts to find vehicle), provide customer credits and more, all from the Zendesk Support ticket sidebar.


Domo (Support) makes data actionable, enabling your business’s customer support system and giving you the agility to innovate, the power to scale, and the freedom to build the best customer experiences. Domo’s AI technologies and robust alerts provide you with the information you need to stay one step ahead of your customers. Together Domo + Zendesk enable you to take action with real-time, 360-degree visibility into all of your customer data points, proactively create tickets, and provide support agents with easy access to comprehensive information so they can understand and resolve issues quickly.


Thankful (Support) is AI Service Software for E-commerce. Thankful enables brands to deliver excellent customer service by combining speed, understanding, and expertise to fully resolve high volumes of customer email, SMS, or chat queries without a human agent in the loop. Returns, exchanges, order tracking, missing packages and 30 other complex ticket types are answered so skillfully end-customers believe they’re interacting with a human. The result is improved CSAT scores, more loyal customers and increased repurchase rates.

Additional apps added in March:

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 (Support) is a two-way integration between Zendesk ticket data and Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer data. View Account, Contact, and Opportunity data when viewing a ticket within Support tickets. Include a ticket grid that can be deployed in Dynamics 365 that allows users to view and update tickets from the Dynamics 365 system.

Associated Leads

Associated Leads (Sell) is a handy new app for Zendesk Sell that allows you to see other individual leads at that company, as well as any other companies linked to the lead, when you’re viewing a lead. It also shows you the lead owner and what team they are on, to make it easier to reach out and get more internal information.

Thought Industries

Thought Industries (Support) makes it easy to build, manage, and deliver learning at scale. Display real-time completion and progress data so that you may understand your customers existing depth and breadth of knowledge of your system based on previously started or completed content while working on Support tickets.


PrediCX (Support) uses the power of machine learning to automatically classify your tickets. AI-powered classification models automatically and accurately tags all customer feedback in near-real time using ‘concepts’, not keywords, to drive process automation, and early warning insight.


Elevate (Support) and Intermedia Unite (Support) are full-featured UCaaS solutions that combine cloud PBX voice, chat, business SMS, video conferencing, file sharing, and contact center into a single platform. Easily place calls directly within Zendesk, pull up existing customer tickets on incoming calls, and quickly create support tickets for existing customers.

Ticket Family

Ticket Family (Support) allows you to create a child ticket and associate it with a requester, a person in charge, add a tag, someone in the CC, a subject and comment. The ticket you are creating can inherit all descriptions from the current ticket.

Africa’s Talking Voice

Africa’s Talking Voice (Support) is a solution that enables users to make and receive calls though local numbers in Zendesk Support. Pick a phone number your agents can easily receive, make and manage calls all across 3 African countries (Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria)

KMS Lighthouse

KMS Lighthouse (Support) (Chat) is a leading provider of the next-generation knowledge management solution Lighthouse. Integrating KMS Lighthouse with Zendesk improves the agent’s communication with the customer by making it easy for the agent to search in Lighthouse and find answers to questions.

Advanced Workflow

Advanced Workflow (Support) allows you to control the content of a Custom Field through a workflow. Agents can inform customers about detailed changes on their tickets (like a sub-status). Since it’s a Custom Field, it can be used with Triggers, Automation, in Zendesk Guide.


OnePgr (Support) is a communication and collaboration platform to help your organizational workflow. Deliver technical support assistance using live support tools such as desktop sharing and integrated audio/video-conferencing and directly communicate with your customer on phone or send SMS using Zendesk.

Extended Search and Export

Extended Search and Export (Support) helps to search necessary tickets, set complex criteria and export the results to CSV files. Enable visual extended search by ticket fields, useful filters to simplify a search, allow for custom ticket field visibility in search results and export search results to CSV files and more all from a user-friendly interface.


Image2Text (Support) helps support agents find related tickets fast. It converts screenshots and images into searchable text with one click inside a ticket as a private note. Uses optical character recognition (OCR) to help you type up searchable error messages in tickets quickly.

Advanced Export

Advanced Export (Support) is a handy tool that lets you export ticket data to CSV or XLS file formats. Include things like ticket data, requester information, first agent’s comment, last agent’s comment, last client comment, satisfaction rating, and even custom fields. Filter by date range or by tags/custom fields


andcards (Support) is a coworking space app with a premium member experience. andcards’ solutions for coworking space, such as meeting room booking, benefit catalog, customer communication. With the Zendesk integration, residents can report issues and start chats from within your coworking space app.

Zenloop connect

Zenloop connect (Support) will enhance and automate the process of collecting feedback from you customers. With Zenloop your customer answers are reflected directly in Zendesk ticket. You can collect additional feedback by sending email with Zenloop survey triggered by ticket status change.


Hourglass (Support) offers an accurate time tracking solution that automatically and in a non-obtrusive way, tracks all of the time agents spend on tickets in Zendesk.

Ticket Checklist

Ticket Checklist (Support) lets your Zendesk Support agents create checklists inside tickets in a more simple, productive and secure way.

To view the full list of incoming apps, follow our weekly release notes.

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