Best free live chat software trial

Why you should use live chat software on your site

Live chat software brings a valuable sense of personalization to the online shopping experience, allowing your sales and customer service teams to interact in real-time with your customers. Like a Facebook Messenger Chat, live chat software is embedded on your website so that agents or customers can ping one another in a pop-up chat window.

Companies like Zendesk have pioneered the live chat experience, allowing the kind of efficient, personalized customer service that makes your brand feel responsive and human—and boosting conversion rates.

The inside scoop on free live chat software trials

The most effective types of live chat software track the specific pages your website visitors have viewed, how long they were on those pages, and how they got there. Agents can use this information to be proactive about helping customers by activating a pop-up chat box on their screen. The box introduces your customer service agent and asks them something like: "I see you're looking at our microwaves. Can I help answer any questions?" A customer that, for example, seems to be comparing products could be prompted by your live chat to engage about various product functions. Or live chat could be used to subtly up-sell, as Coursera does to great effect.

What to look for in live chat

Free versions of live chat software are an excellent starting point for companies testing the waters. They allow you to avoid the price tag of more far-reaching versions while still benefiting from core functionalities that can really make a difference to your bottom line. If you choose to upgrade, it's easy with these cloud-based solutions.

The best live chat options offer:

  • A widget that can be embedded into your website
  • An app version so your customers can message you on their mobile devices
  • A record of your chat conversations with visitors
  • Extensive webinars and documentation to help you make the most of the software

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In addition to the functions detailed above, individual free platforms offer their own special perks. Zendesk's free version of live chat software keeps a 30-day record of your agents' conversations with visitors and offers chat ratings so you can get instant feedback on your customer service skills. Zendesk also offers in-depth analytics that allow you to monitor and maximize the software, with data on chat volume, visitor experience, agent performance, and even conversion rates.

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Whichever provider you choose, live chat allows you to get right to your customer without the hassle of email or open rates. Give Zendesk's free live chat software version a try and see how quickly your conversion rates transform.