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The best Zoho alternative for improved customer interactions is Zendesk

Last updated May 3, 2023

If you’re looking for a Zoho alternative look no further than Zendesk as the clear choice. Zendesk customer service software is easy to use, packs robust features, delivers positive client interactions in one place, includes powerful customer relationship management (CRM) integrations, and is offered at a better price point; Support is the solution that provides it all right out of the box.

The details

Support is the most widely-used customer support platform designed for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer tickets. With both sales and support teams on your organization’s front line for providing personalized customer support, it’s important to keep those teams on the same page. Support does this by providing a holistic view of your customers with deep integrations between Zendesk and leading CRM software. The same can’t be said of Zoho, as their CRM integration usually doesn’t include CRM software solutions you already use.

ncluded features of Support that put us above the rest:

  • Flexible ticket management with automated workflow
  • Omnichannel support that includes email, web, phone, chat, social media, and SMS
  • Mobile support for iPhone, iPad, and Android apps
  • Robust reporting and advanced analytics dashboard
  • Customer facing web interface that you can easily brand

Switch to Zendesk from Zoho

Choose Zendesk over Zoho for complete ticketing software that is powerful enough to handle the most complex business, yet flexible enough to scale with you as you grow. Request your free trial today to keep your clients happy.

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