Service desk definition

IT service management at its finest

A service desk handles IT-related issues and service requests within a company’s infrastructure. Essentially, service desks support employees by ensuring their day-to-day tools function properly. A help desk, on the other hand, is intended to provide customers with troubleshooting, guidance, and customer service. Although they serve different purposes, both service desks and help desks field incoming requests from their users. Naturally, both systems benefit from support software that can prioritize and track tickets. With Zendesk’s service desk software, IT teams are capable of handling employee inquiries more quickly and efficiently.

Provide your agents with top-notch support

Zendesk’s IT service desk software puts ticketing and employee self-service portals in a single place. This centralization makes it possible for IT teams to efficiently track and resolve problems while simultaneously delivering exceptional service to employees.

Resolve IT issues at lightning speed

Equipped with powerful automation and knowledge-management capabilities, Zendesk’s service desk software helps IT teams work through employees’ issues quickly and efficiently. Agents are able to respond in no time with the tool’s pre-defined responses.

Tickets can also be assigned tags for searchability and easy categorization. Not to mention, IT teams are able to understand the nature of each issue in seconds, thanks to the software’s record of employee technology.

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