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Power to your people

La technologie ne cesse d’évoluer et les gens attendent de plus en plus des organisations, notamment des organismes gouvernementaux. Ils veulent une assistance rapide et efficace, disponible à tout moment. Zendesk aide les organismes gouvernementaux à donner la priorité aux administrés grâce à des solutions modernes, sécurisées et faciles à utiliser, qui centralisent les communications et rationalisent les workflows.

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The Zendesk for government approach

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See the bigger picture

Get a complete view of citizens and how they interact with your organization—from where they begin their search for information, to how they resolve their issues. With Zendesk, it’s easier to integrate valuable information from customer communications channels, business applications, and backend systems, and make it easily accessible to agents. This helps your team deliver on expectations and create a better experience for your constituents.

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Be the people’s choice

Citizens are also customers, and they have become accustomed to getting help on their preferred channel. With an omnichannel support solution, you can offer support like leading digital businesses do: set up self-service portals to allow constituents to check the status of cases and understand processes without the help of an agent, and even offer proactive support. You’ll be able to exceed their expectations and build a foundation of trust.

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Travaillez plus intelligemment

Lean on technology to do the busy work. Automations and workflow tools can handle repetitive tasks, eliminate errors, and improve agent productivity. And with AI-powered knowledge management, citizens can help themselves—so your agents can devote time to issues that need special attention.

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Let data be the decider

Use data to make better decisions and stay connected with your citizens. With powerful analytics and reporting from Zendesk, your team gains visibility into what’s working for your organization and what needs improvement. And with both out-of-the-box and fully customizable dashboards, there’s a solution that’s just right for your team.

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Protect and serve

Meeting compliance requirements and providing a modern, digital experience shouldn’t be a headache for any government organization. With Zendesk, you get enterprise-class security features and standards that enable you to provide citizens the best experiences—all while following regulation and compliance rules.

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Overhaul outdated processes

Out with the old

“Zendesk Support lives up to its promise. It’s that simple. It does what we need it to do today, and its vision ensures it’s a solid alternative in years ahead to help innovative decision-makers.”
Dustin Laun

Conseiller principal pour l’innovation et la technologie pour la FCC

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Learn how the FCC saved $2.8 million in deployment costs and $540,000 annually in maintenance costs with Zendesk

Improve citizen support

CSAT for the win

“It just made sense to merge our customer channels together—that and the fact that we saved a quarter million dollars in maintenance fees on an annual basis by doing so.”
Dustin Swayne

Deputy Commissioner for the State of Tennessee

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Learn how the State of Tennessee provides a seamless experience for 6.6 million residents

Happy agents. Happier citizens.

Employees are citizens too

“We’re seeing improvements in agent performance, and end users are seeing a quick turnaround time. They submit a ticket, and within the hour, their issue is resolved.”
Justin Birdsong

Associate Director of Enterprise Database Systems for the ACLU

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Learn how the nonprofit ACLU efficiently serves stakeholders and fulfills its commitment to being a good steward for donor funds

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