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Proactive support

Offering support proactively increases conversions and loyalty

Providing support for customers pays dividends. Whether you’re measuring the results in terms of loyalty or increased conversions, touching base with your customers is highly impactful. Connect, part of the Zendesk family of products, makes providing proactive support to your customer base easy.

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Informing, educating, and supporting your customer base is simple with Connect. Deflecting tickets, anticipating and acting on customer needs, and pre-empting issues is all possible with Connect, the result of which is a more trusting, engaged, and loyal customer base.

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Connect provides proactive support for customers in area like:
  • Onboarding – deliver tips and recommendations that keep customers excited
  • Upselling – provide gentle nudges with new offers that relate to past interests
  • Notifications – send updates about new products, features, or styles
  • Mitigating – keep customers informed about ongoing issues or service updates
  • Nurturing – engage customers with suggestions, interesting info, or best practices

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Proactively provide the support your customers are demanding and they’ll be there for the long haul. And Outbound is now a member of the Zendesk family. We're working together to make proactive support better.

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