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Zendesk 2023 Global Impact Report: Our commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability

Par Megan Trotter, VP Social Impact & Sustainability

Publié 22 avril 2024

Today we unveiled our annual Global Impact Report, chronicling our continued commitment to corporate responsibility in 2023. This latest edition highlights how our core values and dedication to service excellence are woven throughout our business practices—positively influencing our product innovation, our community engagement, and the experience we provide to our customers.

Our 2023 performance highlights
In 2023, we set new standards for transparency and fairness in compensation by openly sharing salary ranges for all roles globally and conducting meticulous independent pay equity studies to ensure just remuneration for our team.

Our social impact initiatives thrived, thanks to the dedication and skills of our employees, and the agility of our products. Notably, through our annual Global Impact Weeks and ongoing programs like Tech for Good, we provided invaluable support to nonprofits, resolving hundreds of thousands of support queries and empowering our Agents of Change graduates to earn significantly more in their careers.

We also made great strides in our environmental commitments, achieving carbon neutrality for our product operations and corporate travel, along with sourcing 100% renewable energy for our offices. In 2023, we set our Science-Based Targets for emissions reductions and were recognized on USA Today’s list of America’s Top 10 Climate Leaders. These accolades underscore our role in promoting a healthier planet while enhancing our business’s operational efficiency and resilience.

By releasing our latest ESG report, we’re not just sharing our achievements; we’re renewing our pledge to be a force for good. We believe that building trust with our stakeholders and driving positive change are integral to both societal welfare and our company’s success.

We invite everyone to explore the stories and statistics that shape our 2023 Global Impact Report. Join us on this journey toward a brighter, more sustainable future by visiting Zendesk’s Global Impact Report.