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Warren's CX platform designed to delight investors

With BRL 5 billion in assets under management, Warren represents the strong expansion of digital investment platforms, seeking to offer the best experience to any investor. The partnership with Zendesk yielded strategic insights from mapping the investor’s journey. As a result, customer success became the foundation for increasing revenue and raising customer satisfaction (CSAT) to 98 percent.

Warrren Investimentos
"The partnership with Zendesk has helped us realize it was possible to boost relationship management even further and fully explore the enormous potential of the CX platform."

Yordanna Colombo

Relationship Leader - Warrren Investimentos

“Zendesk fit well into our customer-focused structure and helped us organize our business around service channels for investors.”

Renan Mattos

Head of Middle-Office - Warrren Investimentos

Company Headquarters

Porto Alegre, Brazil



Assets under management

BRL 5 Billion

Zendesk customer since



Monthly tickets


Service provided through chat

15 sec

Average first reply time in chat

24 hrs

Maximum call resolution time

A few years ago, with the expectation of a large addition of new investors facilitated by technology, Warren was born — a brokerage and investment management company that made the customer a priority and offered an advanced digital platform. Since launching operations in 2016, the Warren business strategy has revolved around providing a differentiated service in the financial space.

As an online investment platform, Warren aims to solve two major problems: the high complexity and conflict of interests in the financial market. As a result, the company’s mission is to offer the best solution for the Brazilian investor over a modern and easy-to-use platform combined with a fair charge for the total management of the customer’s assets.

With this positioning, Warren attracted its first investors in 2017 with a business structure ready to communicate with clients and prospects in a personalized way. The DNA of the company was to have 100 percent focus on customer success and prioritize this strategy as an important part of their core business.

To put this plan into practice, the brokerage, now based in Porto Alegre, entered into a strategic partnership with Zendesk. Since then, several CX (customer experience) solutions have been implemented, all of them with a common advantage: ease of managing and customizing the technology, giving total autonomy and freedom to the service team.

Putting the customer first

Today, Warren has more than 150K clients, having reached BRL 5 billion in assets under management and generating an average of 6K customer calls monthly. These impressive numbers could only be achieved through a customer-focused view and with the support of a CX platform that promoted greater ticket organization and omnichannel integration. Warren uses Zendesk to facilitate chat, email, telephone, social networks (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, including Messenger and direct messages), help center, and even ombudsman and compliance channels.

The partnership with Zendesk was forged to help the enterprise understand the specific needs of investors who entrust their money to the platform — a differentiator that has turned them into true protagonists on this journey. Over time, the focus on investors has been crucial in helping Warren raise its customer satisfaction rating (CSAT), which currently stands at 98 percent. The average satisfaction survey response rate reached 60 percent, offering strategic insights to help drive new account openings and increase revenue.

Implementation of the CX solution started in 2016. Warren’s founders — André Gusmão, CTO; Tito Gusmao, CEO; and Rodrigo Grundig, CDO — already knew Zendesk from a visit to Silicon Valley, California. The executive’s initial challenge was to create an enterprise that focused on self-service and trained agents to offer support via email and social networks, in preparation for the brokerage’s opening in the following year.

“We aimed many resources toward planning the business opening and daily dealings with customers,” says Yordanna Colombo, Warren’s relationship leader. “However, the partnership with Zendesk has helped us realize it was possible to boost relationship management even further and fully explore the enormous potential of the CX platform. It was like a Ferrari that we were not driving and that remained parked in the garage,” Colombo adds.

Based on this insight, Warren identified the next steps needed to offer a differentiated service. In addition to the Zendesk knowledge base, the company implemented Zendesk chat, a solution that promotes instant interaction with customers via web, mobile devices, and messages — and which currently represents 80 percent of all service demand.

Other solutions applied were Zendesk support, to monitor, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets, and Zendesk reporting tools, which provide analytics based on customer relationships and are integrated with Warren’s business intelligence tool. This allows the team to monitor service performance indicators (KPIs) and create reporting capable of indicating, for example, which are the most used channels for sending queries, in addition to other data that shows investor behavior.

Insights for the entire enterprise

The gradual evolution in adopting the Zendesk platform followed Warren’s growth and simplified its trading operations. The importance of the partnership goes far beyond providing support in face of the increasing demand for service and increasing call volume.

Zendesk solutions also made it possible to manage metrics that impact the organization beyond customer relationships, by gathering data that is fundamental for decision-making from a business point of view. Following the same customer-focused vision, Warren uses these insights to help define the direction and support the operations of other departments across the company.

For instance, it is now possible to understand the investment profile, the customer location and which device they are logged in on. This information helps the Warren team get to know investors better and improve the platform as a whole in order to offer a unique service.

The flexibility and advanced capabilities of Zendesk’s solutions have helped Warren place investors at the center of its strategy, within a model that is fully focused on customer success. This philosophy is reflected not only in the brokerage’s services — whose portfolio includes a modality in which independent agents are compensated based on customers’ profitability not on the volume of open accounts — but also in the organization of the service team itself.

“Zendesk fit well into our customer-focused structure that existed even before we started operations, and the CX tools helped us organize our business around service channels for investors,” says Renan Mattos, head of middle-office at Warren.

Supporting the entire investor journey

Currently, Warren’s operation is divided into several “tribes” representing the investor’s touch points within the platform. In addition, a subdivision by tags (labels) helps agents drill into the problems reported on each ticket. With Zendesk, the brokerage’s service agents are able to monitor all incoming demands and visualize them on a single screen, which is essential to meeting any and all customer needs.

This organization facilitated by the Zendesk platform also involves the division of 12 professionals who integrate Warren’s support into different channels and service levels.

Zendesk also helps to segment demands that are B2C (for investors) and B2B (for freelancers). Partners that offer brokerage services on behalf of Warren are part of a division called the middle-office, which integrates the relationship team and the brokerage’s operational area (back office) in order to address customer concerns and issues related to sales.

The integrations within Zendesk also extend to Jira, used by the brokerage to manage incidents; to the App Store and Google Play, where comments made by users can be captured and managed on a single screen; and to Elliott, a platform for buying and selling digital currencies.