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Oz Hair and Beauty gains 360-degree customer views

Oz Hair and Beauty sells premium quality hair and beauty products to a loyal and growing clientele. As the company started to scale and receive more inquiries, it was challenging to maintain excellence in customer support. After integrating all communication channels with Zendesk and leveraging data to find areas for improvement, the company empowered website visitors with self-service capabilities, improved agent efficiency and happiness, and brought customer satisfaction to a new level.

Oz Hair and Beauty
“The data we get from Zendesk has allowed our team to implement operational change that reduces inquiries,thus providing a smoother customer journey and experience.”

Guy Nappa

Chief Operating Officer - Oz Hair and Beauty

“With Zendesk Guide, we’re able to build a comprehensive FAQ page where customers can get answers quickly. So it’s great to see that even as we’re getting bigger, we can still get better and faster at solving customers’ queries.”

Kirstie Dix

Customer Success Manager - Oz Hair and Beauty

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Sydney, Australia

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Reduction in number of tickets per order

In 1986, a hairdresser named Elio Nappa opened a family salon named Oz Hair in Sydney. From day one, Oz Hair has prioritized outstanding customer service above all else, which quickly attracted a loyal clientele and helped the salon expand. To seize the momentum, the family soon started selling premium quality products online, giving way to a new brand, Oz Hair and Beauty .

Identifying areas for improvement

True to its commitment to excellence, the omnichannel retailer guarantees quick shipping and instant customer support. But as the business grew, Oz Hair and Beauty needed a solution to satisfy an influx of customer inquiries. “Our inbox was always full,” recalls Guy Nappa, the chief operating officer at Oz Hair and Beauty. “We hired a dedicated customer service person, but as we got bigger, we needed more resources. To succeed, we also required a system to manage all the interactions and the ability to report on how things were going.”

To improve its customer service, Oz Hair and Beauty started using Zendesk in 2018 to handle customer emails and calls, and integrate live chat into the website. Eventually, the team also started relying on Zendesk to set up a help center and encourage visitors to find answers to their questions on their own. Oz also began to leverage data on customer inquiries to pinpoint areas for improvement. “We started tagging our emails,” says Nappa. “We expected users to ask for hair and skin recommendations because that is our area of expertise. Instead, we noticed that around 17 percent of the questions were about shipping. It really exposed that our shipping communication wasn’t good enough.”

An easier, quicker way to find information

To more effectively address questions about product deliveries, the team set up an AI agent to direct all customers to an article on shipping, transferring them to an agent only if the issue persisted. The team also added new messages in the shipping funnel that kept customers more informed and reassured of the process. “As a result, inquiries about shipping methods don’t even make the top 10 of our ticket tags anymore, we have lowered that rate to five percent. We now get more questions about hair recommendations.”

By offering customers better and quicker access to answers about their purchases, Oz Hair and Beauty has seen a decrease of 42 percent in the number of tickets per order. Having the help center also enables agents to direct customer inquiries to common questions, resulting in 90 percent of website tickets being resolved within one or two touches.

Creating happier users all around

With Zendesk, Oz Hair and Beauty also centralized all channels for customer engagement and integrated data from Shopify and the existing loyalty platform, enabling agents to gain a 360-degree view of every user. “Our staff knows who a customer is before they call. The added visibility of every interaction, whether it’s chat, email or voice, means that we can better support our users since we know the context of their issues,” says Nappa. “We can also extract data to measure and compare our success on every channel, which allows us to really perfect our service where needed.” The improved system has led to happier clients and an industry-leading customer satisfaction (CSAT) score of 94 percent.

In addition, having a unified platform also enables agents to be more productive and efficient in their work. “With all integrations in one place, agents no longer need to hop between screens. They feel very happy and refreshed because they are able to do their job better. Our agents can also measure resolution or response times to see how they’re performing—and these little wins really matter to them.” The team also experiences a smoother onboarding process with the central platform—it now only takes a month to onboard a new agent, 30 percent less than before integrating Zendesk.

Improving while scaling

As Oz Hair and Beauty continues to grow, the team is determined to keep making strides in customer support. “Customer centricity is our number one priority and it is crucial that a service provider empowers us to uphold that value,” adds Nappa. “It is a big challenge for a lot of businesses to maintain a level of service as they get bigger, and we want to make sure that our customer care is actually getting better as we grow. Having Zendesk by our side means that we can continue to scale and really accomplish our goals.”