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Qu’est-ce que le WordPress live chat ?

Live chat for WordPress, or WordPress help chat, is a plugin that helps businesses offer live chat and message to customers. Built with a WordPress chat plugin like Zendesk Chat, WordPress live chat is a productive way to provide instant support to your users.

Instant support

When customers have a question while browsing your site, lean on chat support so you can assist them right away. Businesses that use WordPress can make the investment in the WordPress live chat plug in and send chat messages directly within their site. So customers can ask your support agents any questions without having to leave the page they’re viewing.

Elevate customer satisfaction

Your customers expect prompt support every time. The longer your agents take to reply or resolve an issue results in a lower CSAT for your business. The WordPress live chat plugin allows your customers to instant connect with an agent from your team and resolve their issues in real-time. Most importantly, you’re improving your CSAT and providing high class customer support at the same time.

Améliorez les taux de conversion

Be there for your customers before they even ask. If a customer gets stuck on a page for a long time, WordPress for live chat will prompt a support agent to proactively start a chat within your website—so they can offer the customer assistance, increase conversion rates, and reduce cart abandonment.
Un exemple d’utilisation de Zendesk Chat pour le WordPress live chat via Zendesk.

Les possibilités de Zendesk

Our customer service software makes it easier to support your customers, and Zendesk Chat is a great way for companies to offer WordPress live chat, including:
  • Proactive support. Triggers in Chat notify agents when a customer has met preset conditions, like time spent on a certain page. Your agents can reach out, offer support, and provide a better user experience, increasing sales as a result.
  • Chat tracks key metrics, from real-time monitoring to agent performance, so you can identify areas to improve and what tactics are working in your favor.
  • Uninterrupted support. Access all your customer data and conversations from one place, so it’s easier for your team to switch between channels and provide the best experiences with Zendesk.

The Zendesk way

Les entreprises qui cherchent à améliorer leurs taux de conversion et à transformer plus de visiteurs en acheteurs, ainsi que les entreprises qui souhaitent réduire leurs coûts d’assistance tout en améliorant la satisfaction client, devraient envisager d’adopter le WordPress live chat comme canal d’assistance.

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