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Leaders Academy

Together, we can lead the way.

Your support team counts on you to provide a smart strategy and creative vision. At Zendesk, our support teams seek the same thing. And we all strive to deliver excellent service to our customers. But just striving for those things won’t necessarily make them happen. So, we’ve launched a new live event to help and it’s coming to a city near you.

Several times a month we’ll visit a new city to get together with you, share what we’ve learned, and hear what you’ve learned. You’ll meet with Zendesk support leadership and industry peers to hear about and discuss what it takes to deliver superior customer service. We’ll cover topics such as the best ways to build and manage a support organization, how to scale your support, and best practices for rolling out a self-service solution.

These are morning sessions, so we’ll provide coffee, tea, and a little breakfast to get you going. And when the session ends, we’ll finish up with a nice lunch. Because even leaders get hungry.

You can find information about this series and details on specific topics by registering for an event. It’s easy, informative, and best of all – totally free.

Orlando Customer Service Leaders Academy (6/2)
NY Customer Service Leaders Academy (6/4)
SF Customer Service Leaders Academy (6/11)
Denver Customer Service Leaders Academy (6/23)


  • 9:00am


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