Live Chat for Website

Live chat for websites

How can you use a live chat application to engage your customers?

With the Zendesk Chat widget, live chat on your website makes talking to customers easy and increases customer satisfaction when you assist them in real time. Use the website chat box on checkout pages to decrease abandoned carts. Say hi to new visitors when they first enter your website. The possibilities are endless!

Engage your customers

If you start a chat with a customer, that customer is three times more likely to purchase. Engage your customers and find the ideal moment to start that chat proactively by tracking them with Zendesk Chat.
  • Pre-chat form: Collect contact information from visitors before a chat session. This information help you develop a plan of action and prioritize customer interactions.
  • Offline forms: Potential and current customers from around the world can visit your website at any time. With offline Forms available on your website, customers are able to contact you 24/7.
  • Triggers: Behavior-based and targeted messages can help you reach customers. For instance, help customers complete a transaction by automatically starting a chat.
  • File Sending: A visual aid, whether it's a product guide, a screenshot, or an animated GIF, can sometimes solve a problem in seconds. Send any file to a customer to shed some light on the situation.

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