Grow your revenue by removing all friction when booking meetings!

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The hottest appointment scheduling tool to close more deals.

Looking to grow more revenue? Every achievement starts with a first meeting. Lodago is the only tool that removes all friction when scheduling appointments. Gain time, energy & money.

We provide an all-round solution that truly improves the appointment scheduling process for sales, marketing, customer success and support teams.

Why use Lodago (video 0:43): https://youtu.be/y6uSn6WXZrk

How to use Lodago on Zendesk (video 2:37): https://youtu.be/21XnMPMA3QY

Your email recipients book meetings in a single click directly inside their email. They select a slot from your real-time calendar. If sending an email today and your receiver opens it in a month, it will always display your up-to-date availability. It never goes out of date. All the unnecessary steps are removed to generate more meetings for you to increase your revenue.

Additionally, you can create more opportunities with our Round Robin feature by centralizing your team’s availability into a single calendar. Meetings are then automatically allocated evenly or per weighting within your team, thereby making the process much simpler and efficient by removing the need for manual work.

Lodago also solves the nightmares of organizing group meetings while offering more slots, by synchronizing your team’s availability into a single calendar. It automatically displays the only slots where everyone is available! With this, you can finally set up internal and external group meetings in a single click.

And so much more is waiting for you!

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