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Virtual Selling: get to more revenue faster

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SnapCall is a Live Video tool for Virtual Sales that helps convert web-traffic into buyers.

It's always been thought that sales should be done in-person, but the e-commerce growth and the pandemic has changed the way we communicate with customers, and now more and more deals and interactions with customers are done online worldwide. But still companies struggle to achieve the same high conversion rates as in-person sales.

SnapCall helps companies move into a new era of virtual sales and continuing geographical sales expansion by keeping conversions, customer engagement and satisfaction at the same level or even higher as in-person customer contact. SnapCall is the missing link to provide a truly omnichannel experience.

  • Conversion using Chat: 5%
  • Conversion by Video chat: 20%
  • Offline conversion: 25-35%

Implementing SnapCall into your online sales will enable Voice, Video, Screen sharing directly in the Zendesk chat with the customer: - Connect hot leads with your salespeople in seconds! Offer online consultations with the customer during a video chat. - Extend omnichannel experiences beyond traditional stores by providing Live Video Shopping: merge online and in-store customer experience. - Transform customer assistance from automated response interactions to personalized communication. Deliver qualified customer support without leaving the live chat and with the best operational efficiency. Increase customer retention and up-selling.

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How will SnapCall affect your business processes ?

  • Live Shopping, e-Commerce & Retail: bring in-store experience to virtual shopping and boost sales by 3-5x.
  • Products & Services DEMO: introduce face-to-face interaction to online sales and increase closing rates by 40%.
  • Online Consultations: connect customers with your experts and create the best seamless interaction
  • Customer Support & Online Help: add human contact to a faceless online customer care and improve Net Promoter Score by 20%.

Install in one-click. No need to use a phone number, nothing needs to be installed for your team and clients.

Track the most valuable data on how your team is using SnapCall (location, start time, call duration, agent activity KPIs).

Make a multiparty call. Involve up to 4 participants in the conversation.

Benefit from tailored-made features for Online Transactions: QR code scanning, switching between web and mobile, microphone and camera input request.

The SnapCall app is available for all agents using Zendesk Chat, Messaging and Sunshine Conversations, and offers unlimited video calls worldwide for 20$/month per seat.

Try SnapCall for Zendesk Chat and Sunshine Conversations

Start your free 7-day trial today. No credit card required. Click the Install button above and start calling your customers right inside the chat.

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