Humanity is the leading SaaS Workforce Management /Staff Scheduling platform

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With staff scheduling as its core product, Humanity layers in forecasting prowess with linkage to third party software API's to optimize staff scheduling based on your chief business drivers.

Specifically, Humanity pulls your Zendesk ticket data and forecasts the number of agents you’ll need to schedule for shifts based on ticket volume trends. Another highlight is the platform’s auto-scheduling feature, which can automatically create optimal, conflict-free schedules based on ticket volume while taking into consideration employee preferences such as availability and planned vacation time. By helping to create optimized schedules and decrease the need for unnecessary overtime, Humanity helps to keep both your managers/schedulers and support staff happy.

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Add in a time and attendance components, leave management, staff communication, task management, employee training, payroll integration and the slickest workforce management mobile apps on the planet, et voila, a recipe for success!

Started as in 2010, Humanity currently serves 40,000 business locations in the world, in over 120 countries. Free 30 day trial, free account set up, free 24/7/365 support and no contracts required.

Humanity is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in Canada, Europe (EU Safe Harbour approved) and Asia. Start your free trial today!

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