Axosoft is the #1 selling Scrum software in the agile project management space.

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Axosoft is the #1 selling Scrum software in the agile project management space. Axosoft Scrum and Axosoft Bug Tracker integrate easily with Zendesk to seamlessly connect your customers, support, and development for end-to-end visibility of features and issues.

Increase visibility

When you integrate Axosoft with Zendesk your support team gains visibility into the status of tickets from inception to close. Your support team can quickly see how a feature or issue is progressing through development and respond to customers about the status.

Reduce time spent managing features and issues

There's no need to duplicate the effort of taking a feature request or reported issue from Zendesk to your project backlog. By integrating Axosoft and Zendesk tickets can be tagged as features or issues and the appropriate item type will be created. When items are closed out in Axosoft this will be reflected in Zendesk as well.

Axosoft Version Support

This app supports Axosoft Hosted and Axosoft Installed v14.4 and above.

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