Skrey is a digital retail software house trusted by leading brands. We develop unique and personalized digital experiences in E-Commerce or with our state of the art Mobile Applications. We position ourselves in the market as one of the reference players in the development of Digital Retail solutions in Portugal.

We provide our online clients the best and most effective shopping experience. Our e-commerce integrator facilitates the integration of different software, depending on the needs of our customers. Besides combining e-commerce software with billing software suited to each business, Skrey is also able to guarantee multipoint integration (interconnection with other systems interconnection with other systems). No stone goes unturned with our team. We are software engineers, e-commerce consultants, programmers, project managers, business developers, computer engineers, designers, marketeers, creatives and visionaries. Starting at the analysis and research, going through the design and all UX best practices, till we achieve the best technological solution to implement, our team doesn’t stop until the best e-commerce solution is reached.

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Data Migration
Development Services
System Integrator
Western Europe
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Implementation Partner
Solution Provider

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