Bitext develops the most accurate multilingual text analysis engines in the market such as middleware for chatbots and Synthetic Data services.

Bitext brings a unique approach to the market of Natural Language. As experts in computational linguistics we are continuously developing new tools designed to boost accuracy when machines read and understand human utterances. Our trailblazing culture has brought us to the forefront of this disrupting technology. Our unrivaled performance results have helped us gain the acknowledgement and trust from the largest companies in the world.

Despite the early start of the company back in 2007 - when this industry was still blossoming from mechanical and statistical methods-, Bitext was able to grow steadily by providing state-of-the-art tools and resources which gained immediate attention.

In 2013 Bitext experiments an amazing growth in the US mainly due to the increasing specialization needs by American tech giants. Opening an office in San Francisco has helped us set up a stronger footprint in the Bay area and to be better positioned to serve our expanding number of customers. Today, 80% of our business comes from our neighbors in the Valley who incidentally happen to be the largest technology companies in the world. In 2014 we further fueled our growth potential by adding VC funds from Inveready to our capital estructure.

In 2018 Bitext is selected as “Cool Vendor in AI core technologies” in recognition for the company´s innovative and game-changing approach to computational linguistics.

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