For over sixteen years, ICON Communication Centres has been connecting the world's leading brands with customers across the globe. As an award-winning supplier of BPO and outsourcing solutions, ICON's deep understanding of its clients' products and processes ensures the delivery of high-quality services that reduce costs and drive excellent return on investment. Zendesk is a vital link in this value chain, and ICON prides itself on creating bespoke solutions that drive customer experience and deep data insights.

Based in Prague, ICON's team of three hundred communication specialists help client brands with sales and marketing activity, brand awareness, customer care, technical support, account management, and more.

ICON is powered by a combination of technology-driven solutions and talented colleagues, who speak over thirty languages. Colleagues are experts at providing the personal touch that delivers a premium level of customer satisfaction for clients. ICON's proactive approach to cooperation ensures the execution of ideas and solutions that continuously optimises customer communication channels and processes.

ICON has won multiple international awards in its sixteen years of operation and continues to innovate within the BPO and outsourcing sectors.


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