Fanatically Zen with SuiteCRM and Zendesk

Get the most of SuiteCRM by integrating it with Zendesk.

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Save Time & Keep Your Entire Team Informed

No longer do you have to click between SuiteCRM and Zendesk to see relevant information. This integration will allow you to see your SuiteCRM Contact, Lead, Account and Opportunity data right from within Zendesk. It will also allow you to view your Zendesk Tickets from within SuiteCRM.

View SuiteCRM Data in Zendesk

View all of the associated SuiteCRM Contact, Lead, Account and Opportunity we can find from the SuiteCRM side.

View Sugar Data Inside Zendesk

View Zendesk Tickets In SuiteCRM

When you install the accompanying SuiteCRM module you will have access to the Zendesk Tickets dashlet in SuiteCRM. Here you can see all of the associated Zendesk Tickets on your SuiteCRM Contacts, Leads, Accounts and Opportunities.

View Zendesk Tickets Inside Sugar

You can filter and sort to get to exactly what you need to see without having to flip back and forth between SuiteCRM and Zendesk. You can click the

Supports SuiteCRM, Sugar 7 On-Site and On-Demand

If you were previously using a Zendesk integration but it stopped being supported (Sugar 7.5 and above), this is the integration you're looking for. We have created a Zendesk integration that will support the versions the previous integration did not. It is created and supported by the same team that brought you SugarChimp. We're an experienced team that creates reliable solutions and provides great support.

Safe & Secure

This integration was built using the latest SuiteCRM and Zendesk APIs. It uses OAuth authentication method so SuiteCRM can securely communicate with Zendesk while giving you all the control to revoke access at any time.

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