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No limits to revolutionize Customer Support with ChatGPT Integration in Zendesk

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Important: The application uses the ChatGPT API to make requests. Therefore, you need to have an API key from OpenAI.

We are excited to introduce to you the latest innovation in customer service: the AI Agent Assist application. By combining Zendesk's powerful customer support platform with the advanced technology of ChatGPT, now you can take your support to the next level.

With the power of ChatGPT, your support teams can focus on what they do best: solving problems and assisting customers. ChatGPT can perform simple and routine tasks, such as:

  • Answering factual questions: ChatGPT can provide information about facts and publicly available content from the internet.
  • Language task assistance: It can help with text composition by providing suggestions for words, phrases, or additional paragraphs. Additionally, it can help correct grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Translation: ChatGPT can translate text from one language to another.
  • Content generation: It can assist in creating content such as articles, contexts, scripts, and more.
  • Text summarization: ChatGPT can read a long text and provide a concise summary of the main ideas contained within it.
  • Answering broad context questions: The model can provide answers and information based on its training across a wide range of topics and general public knowledge.
  • Utilization of custom prompts: ChatGPT in Zendesk offers the ability to create custom prompts, allowing your agents to have consistent and brand-aligned responses. With a library of predefined prompts, your agents will have access to ready and reliable answers for a wide variety of customer service scenarios. This ensures standardized and quality service, while enabling a faster and more accurate response.

New features

  • Summary, Solution, Feels, Intention and Language: Get insights and request information with just one click.
  • Customize the Speed Dial: Add a shortcut to your recurring tasks and questions with ChatGPT, using placeholder to get ticket data.
  • Customize the Prompt for ChatGPT: Now you can use a predefined prompt, enabling your agents to have consistent and brand-aligned responses.

What is the difference between AI Agent Assist vs AI Agent Assist Pro?

  • In the Pro version of the app, you can create as many Speed ​​Dials and Prompts as you need.
  • Coming soon new features exclusive to the PRO version.
  • Customers who opt for the PRO version have priority in suggesting improvements to the application.


For questions, suggestions, and improvements, please contact us via email at

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