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App for managing ticket attachments.

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How the Attachment Manager app works

To keep an overview of all the attached documents and files in a ticket can be tedious. Also downloading every PDF file to view the stored information takes a lot of time, effort and might cause data security issues. The Attachment Manager app allows you to search and filter attachments, preview or even download them with a single click.


Our Attachment Manager app checks the documents that are attached to a ticket and lists them in the sidebar. You can filter them by type and download them as single files or in bulk. The app also allows you to view attached documents without having to download them.


The data of the order will be shown in the ticket sidebar with the following features:

  • Search for attachments in the sidebar
  • Results can be filtered by type or sorted by name or date
  • Attachments can be previewed in Zendesk without downloading
  • Download single attachments or all at once
  • All regular formats are supported: xlsx, pdf, docx, etc.



App inquiries

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