Custom Objects CSV Importer

Import your Custom Objects via CSV. FREE.

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Import your Custom Objects via CSV to save time. This feature used to be available with difficult API commands. Well, now it's available to be done in bulk. For FREE. We want you to be empowered and use Zendesk to its full capacity so you can get the most of it. Keep your data into one place and kick start managing your assets directly in Zendesk. No need for third parties and security concerns.

This app is just a small part of Asset Management App with Custom Objects

With the full app, you can: assign objects to your customers so agents have a better context to solve tickets, have an SKU to keep data organised directly in Zendesk without 3rd parties, have reports for your objects to see who owns what.

  • Assign objects to users to get 360 view of customer data
  • SKU to keep data organised directly in Zendesk
  • Reports for visibility for business decisions
  • Group objects by properties to overview of my assigned objects vs unassigned
  • CSV import of custom objects data
  • Provide faster resolutions! Keep customers with you longer
  • Single source of truth - easier data management

Here is a video demo of what the full app can do. Hope you like it.

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