Bilstatistik Lookup by Proventic

Quick automatic lookup of Danish number/license plates & VIN with leasing info

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Bilstatistik Lookup by Proventic can automatically look up a Danish number / license plate, written in the ticket conversation, and display the car and leasing information in the ticket sidebar. The app can even recognize if several number plates have been written in the conversation and let you look them up with just a single click.

A search field for manual lookup of both number plate / registration numbers and VIN is available as well.

Car details include:

  • Manufacturer

  • Model, variant and type

  • Model year

  • Fuel type

  • Engine cylinders, capacity, max power

  • Wheel configurations

  • Registration number

  • VIN

  • First registration date

  • Next inspection date

  • Current status

  • Leasing type

  • Leasing expiration date

  • Owner and user information


The app makes use of Please read the "How to install" instructions.

Any questions or feedback?

Please feel free to contact us on You can make feature requests on our community pages. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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