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Automatically solve 20% of your Support tickets- Guaranteed or your money back.

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Our app helps you save $25,000 per month by automating the resolution of duplicate tickets in Zendesk.

Used by dozens of Zendesk clients (and counting!)

Improve the quality of your customer service by resolving duplicate customer service tickets automatically — resulting in a 20% reduction in open tickets on average.

The traditional helpdesk setup requires agents to answer simple tickets manually. The result is longer response times, a constant need to recruit employees as the business grows and lower customer satisfaction.

E-commerce websites usually have about 20% duplicate tickets in the queue at any given time. Usually, agents have to answer the same request twice or more. This causes higher ticket volume, higher time to resolution, and frustration for agents and customers.

Now, you can automatically detect and solve duplicate tickets across all channels according to your business logic. For example, if a customer submits the same request twice through your web portal and once by WhatsApp, the three requests will result in only one ticket.

Would this work for your business?

  • If you’re running a e-commerce or B2C customer service team—yes

  • If you’re struggling with the sheer volume of customer support requests—yes.

  • If you’re forced to constantly hire new employees to deal with growing ticket volume across multiple channels—then absolutely, yes, this is for you.

  • If you’d like a calmer work environment for your staff, improved response times, and on average, 20% lower ticket volume —this app is exactly what you’re looking for.

Our solution gives you quicker response times, less overworked and happier staff, and increased profits per customer.

Here’s what our app allows you to do:

  • Quickly solve duplicate tickets and automate the work of 5-20 employees.

  • Resolve tickets across every communication channel (email, SMS, FB messenger, WhatsApp, etc.

  • Consolidate all the customer information from your internal systems to your help desk, so you can detect customer identities- no matter which channel they use. (no need to change any system you’re currently using).

  • Granular reporting in Explore, to show you exactly how many duplicate tickets you have solved.

  • Customize the app rules according to your needs- you can decide which tickets are duplicates and how to solve them.

  • Hire fewer employees because key tasks can now be fully or partially automated.

  • Go live within 7 days and start saving up to $25,000 every month.

From the customer’s point of view - it’s less confusing. They get a single definite answer, even if they’ve reached out across multiple channels.

From your agent’s point of view - it’s less of a time sink. They don’t have to keep answering the same inquiry again and again because it was logged in several tickets.

And from a business point of view, you provide better service, happier staff and customers, and higher retention.


Are there any long-term contracts?

No, you only pay based on tickets. What could be fairer than that?

Will this work for any language?

Yes, our automations do not depend on specific languages or verticals and work regardless of the language used by your agents or customers.

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