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Based on the Eisenhower method framework, Priority Matrix by Appfluence is a full featured project management software that helps teams prioritize and focus on what matters most.

With Priority Matrix for Zendesk, your tickets are automatically captured in Priority Matrix and customer support staff can assign them to the specific people inside your organization, simplifying communications. Only authorized Zendesk users keep access to the original ticket, to avoid miscommunications with your customers.

  • Prioritize tickets by importance and urgency
  • Set due dates and converse internally without involving the customer until needed
  • Assign tickets to specific users, independently of Zendesk status
  • Automatically synchronize Priority Matrix items when the matching Zendesk ticket is updated

Involving the right person for each ticket greatly facilitates everyone's job:

  • Customer support staffers don't need to keep passing messages back and forth
  • Engineering/IT/product people have full context about what's being asked
  • Customers see a shorter response time, leading to higher satisfaction

A Priority Matrix account is needed to use this app, and it can be obtained for free from the Priority Matrix website.

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