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Zero Friction

The Zero Friction platform transforms the way collective heat and cooling suppliers engage with their end customers and support the meter to cash processes by providing an innovative SAAS Cloud Platform.

The Zero Friction APP for Zendesk is extremely useful for:

  • Heating / Cooling Suppliers

  • Property Managers

  • Energy Service Providers

Zero Friction and Zendesk

The rich market-specific features of the Zero Friction cloud platform cover the core meter-reading to cash processes which are essential for any energy supplier. This data is now available within Zendesk.

Engaging customer interaction such as contact centre functionality are added to the Zero Friction solution. You basically add what Zendesk stands for, 'Zendesk makes customer service better' to the Zero Friction Solution with a deep focus on the energy sector.

As a Zendesk partner, we closely work together on ensuring business value by offering compelling digital transformation to support the challenges of the energy transition and create real impact towards 'Net Zero'.

The Zero Friction APP for the Zendesk platform uses the Zero Friction CRM integration framework and APIs to offer:

  • An integrated customer databases

  • Have a 360 Degree view of the customer within Zendesk

  • Contextual Integration of both cloud platforms

Zero Friction Functionalities

Zero friction provides Heating / Cooling Suppliers, Property Managers and - Energy Service Providers with the tools they need to digitally transform their business. Our solution and design criteria are straight forward:

  • Easy to implement and use

  • Advanced customer interaction based on a solid process library

  • Business Insights based on digital transformation base technologies such as Data and AI, Cloud, ML

  • Controlled cost, focus on low cost to serve

  • Impact - driving towards Net Zero.

Zero Friction APP

The Core process functionalities are

  • Measurement and Consumption Data

  • Interfacing with energy meters

  • Billing

  • Payment processing

This is complemented by a number of supporting processes:

  • Customer portal

  • Customer management

  • Contract and product management

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