Lime Integration

Lime CRM integration for Zendesk.

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Lime Integration

Lime Integration is an easy to use Zendesk app that integrates Zendesk with Lime CRM and allows a Zendesk agent to easily access user data from Lime while handling a ticket in Zendesk.

Usage areas & features

By using Lime Integration it will allow a Zendesk agents to easily access basic user data from Lime CRM while managing tickets without having to jump between different tabs.

For example the application allows you to access the following on Lime CRM from a Zendesk ticket:

  • Th end-user Overview in Lime

  • Deals associated with the end-user

  • To Do list associated with the end-user

  • Documents associated with the end-user

  • History associated with the end-user

In addition, the app has some extra features such as:

  • It could create a history note for Zendesk tickets in Lime CRM

  • Pin other Lime end-users than the requester to a Zendesk ticket

  • It could make support related notes associated with the end-user in Zendesk e.g. account number

Technical notes

To resolve issues related Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) which prevents web browsers from communicating directly with Lime CRM, Lime Integration makes use of a proxy server. The proxy is only used as a gateway and no data is saved there.

Personal Data & GDPR

All data used by the Lime Integration app is fetched directly from Lime CRM. No personal data will be stored elsewhere apart from 2 exceptions:

  • Name and role for pinned users are stored within a ticket field inside Zendesk to reduce amount of API calls.

  • Any data entered by a Zendesk Agent into the notes area is saved within a user field in Zendesk.


For additional support, contact TSC support via

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