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Ticket field tagging AI for all languages. Get ChatGPT reply suggestions.

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AI Ticket Tagger by Labelf is an app that enables you to train the best AI language models to tag and categorize your tickets. Any categorization that you do manually today can be automated with a few clicks. You can import your historic data and create a model on a ticket field that you have previously filled in manually, or you can create a new model on your historic data to categorize on something new.

NEW! Get answer suggestions generated by Open AI:s ChatGPT as internal notes

Now you can get automatic answer suggestions right in the ticket generated by ChatGPT. We call the ChatGPT API on your behalf with the whole conversation and then present the result as an internal note that you can copy. There's also the alternative of setting a custom Role Prompt for your needs.

Increase conversion by identifying urgent tickets

For example, if you are an online retail company and want to identify the tickets that talk about a product so that you can answer them as fast as possible and increase conversion, you can create a model that would recognize and tag such tickets with 'urgent' using the Labelf platform, and then activate it Zendesk using this app.

Train a ticket categorizing AI based on an existing ticket field

A different example would be a customer support for a teleco which today categorizes their support tickets into five categories using a ticket field: 'phone', 'internet', 'complaints', 'invoices', 'order'. They can train an AI on the historic data for that ticket field in just minutes and then activate the AI so that categorization and distribution into different views based on this category can happen automatically. You can activate the model for all future tickets in the app, but also run through your backlog or historic tickets, for example if you want better insights.

Train a ticket tagging AI based on your historic ticket tags

A different example would be a customer support for a teleco which today tags their tickets with different ticket tags, for example 'urgent', 'angry', 'shipping accident'. They can train an AI on the historic data for all ticket tags in just minutes and then activate the AI so that their incoming tickets are tagged the same way as they have been historically by agents.

Works for chat as well!

Automatically tag your chats when they are closed/solved. This can be used to analyse your chat flows and save your agents time.

Works in over 100 languages

The AI model you train on Labelfs platform will work in over 100 languages, even if the historic data you trained on is only in one language. This enables geographical expansion across countries without changing a thing.

About Labelf AI:

Labelf AI is a Swedish company based in Stockholm. We create AI heroes by removing the barriers for AI implementation.

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