Crowlingo provides deep NLP services to find insights in texts of 100+ languages

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Crowlingo is a Tech startup company located near Paris, France. We provide natural language processing (NLP) services to find insights and relationships in texts.

Crowlingo offers Deep Learning NLP Services that users can leverage to :​

  • Find insights and relationships in texts​
  • Unify their processes with one universal and multilingual solution​
  • Analyze documents in real-time through APIs​

Crowlingo helps companies to:

  • Automate their Customer Support
  • Develop a multilingual media monitoring service
  • Create or upgrade chatbot to manage 100+ languages automatically. Starting from your own dataset (English only for instance), we will abstract the language and upgrade your model to manage 100+ language with no additional training data and no translations.

Crowlingo App on Zendesk will make your support team more efficient by saving time processing new tickets and reducing first response times. This integration connects with your Crowlingo deep learning models to automatically tag new incoming tickets by the criteria you define, such as Topic, Issue, Priority or Sentiment.

Crowlingo's multiple strengths:

  • Unify your text analysis processes in one universal model

Gather documents from different languages according to their topics and semantic similarities. Route support tickets to the right services and speed up your support desk.

  • Understand text meaning with in-depth analysis of semantics and syntax

No more keywords! Extract multilingual concepts from ticket descriptions and handle alternative spellings. Take into consideration the context of the document (sentiment, topics, entities, …).

  • Create or upgrade your system to handle 100+ languages automatically

Don't waste time and resources to create one new model for each language! Automatically upgrade your classification models to manage 100+ languages with no additional training data and no translation.

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