Extract real-time actionable insights from Zendesk tickets

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Extract insights in the form of sentiment, product feedback, trends, and impact from every interaction in Zendesk in realtime. Optimize your CX operations by converting insights into actionable business outcomes.

TheLoops empowers support teams to:

Provide solutions and guidance to agents within their workspaces Guide your agents with auto-resolution within the Zendesk workspace. Dynamic recommendations change with every ticket thread. Improve efficiency by removing the agent's need to open multiple screens to research every issue.

Auto-classify and route tickets to the right agents Move beyond manual triage and guesswork with data-driven classification of tickets. Automatically classify and route tickets based on sentiment, urgency, segment, and impact.

Ticket Insights Stop sifting through thousands of tickets looking for key insights and let the AI do the work for you. Extrapolate trends and key insights, including user sentiment, product feedback, and 30 signals in total.

Predict and prevent escalations Automatically identify critical escalation markers like customer dissatisfaction, issue urgency, and revenue at risk for every Zendesk ticket. Easily identify and address potential escalations before your business is impacted.

Efficiently address customer backlog Powerful prioritization, impact analysis, actionable insights, and routing capabilities provide everything you need to efficiently tackle even the toughest ticket backlogs.

Simple to set up, easy to useNo need for a data scientist or a business analyst: TheLoops easy-to-use interface provides the visibility and insights you need to dramatically improve support efficiency and drive business value using the CX data you already have.

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