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View and edit information from your Shopify store directly within Zendesk Support

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This app allows you to view customer and order details, link orders to tickets, capture payments and even reorder, refund or cancel orders from within Zendesk Support. Your agents will no longer have to scramble to find order details or switch tabs to perform important actions, resulting in a better experience for them and your customers.

Enterprise-grade features without the price tag

There are absolutely no hidden costs or services to sign up for. Simply install the app, authenticate with your Shopify store and instantly upgrade your customer service capability.

Every subscription unlocks the following powerful functionality:

  • Search for customers

  • View the order history of a customer

  • Search for orders across the entire store

  • Sort and filter the list of orders

  • View the details of an individual order, including product line items, order notes and tags

  • View payment and fulfilment information

  • View order notes made by the customer

  • View custom order metafields

  • View customer contact details

  • View customer lifetime value

  • View order comments and events

  • Link an order to a ticket

  • Click to view customers, orders and product line items in Shopify

  • Restock items within an order

  • Refund an order based on line items

  • Refund an order in full or by a custom, partial amount

  • Mark an order as paid

  • Capture a payment on an order

  • Duplicate an order on behalf of a customer

  • Cancel an order

  • Archive an order

With much more on the way.

Our simple pricing gives you access to all features for a flat rate of $4.95 per agent, per month. There are absolutely no additional or hidden fees and you'll benefit from all new features as they're released. Start with a free 7 day trial to see how much more efficient you can be with Shopify and Zendesk working together seamlessly!

If you are a large company with custom app requirements or multiple storefronts, contact us to find out how we can help.

One more thing...

If you'd like to increase the probability of repeat customers, consider using one of our premium Zendesk Guide themes to upgrade the self-service experience you provide to customers after their purchase. It's been shown that in many cases customers prefer to self-serve and providing them with that ability can reduce the burden on your Support team. Our team or Zendesk experts are also available to build custom themes, apps or provide general consulting services if you're looking to get the most out of Zendesk!

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