SAP Transport Management

Manage your SAP transports directly in Zendesk.

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Manage your SAP Transports with Zendesk Support.

The SAP Transport Management application helps your developers and change managers handle their SAP transports directly in Zendesk (any edition). This is to ensure maximum traceability and transparency by giving the information to all parties at the same time.

All the necessary transports are linked to your tickets as soon as they are created or updated. Ideal for agile team or to comply you're your audit requirements!

No SAP changes required!

Nothing needs to be installed or developed on your SAP system. This is truly a 'Plug & Play' solution.

Want to see it in action? Follow this link!

What can you do with SAP Transport Management?

With this app, directly from your Zendesk account, you can:

  • Create a Transport Request in the SAP system.
  • Delete a Transport Request in the SAP system.
  • Retrieve and/or Update Transport Request information in the SAP system.
  • Create a Transport of Copies for an existing Transport Request linked to the Zendesk change.
  • Release a Transport Request when all tasks have been released in SAP.

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