Myndbend Process Manager

Create child tickets and get approvals from your agents or end-users

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Myndbend Process Manager

Myndbend™ Process Manager provides a convenient way for agents to build custom, auditable processes in Zendesk. Build and automate workflows such as:

  • HR Onboarding

  • HR Offboarding

  • IT Change Management

  • Access Rights requests

  • Financial approvals

  • Internal escalations

…Or any other flow that requires approvals or child tickets.


Myndbend™ Process Manager allows you to create custom approval processes. Whether you’ve got one approver or dozens, we’ve got you covered! With the free version of the app, you can:

  • Track all approval activity on tickets - even comments and activity from team members that don’t use Zendesk

  • Establish staff/supervisor relationships for approvals

  • Add agents, light agents, or end-users as approvers

Upgrade to Premium to automate and scale your complex approval processes

  • Automatically add approvers to any ticket based on custom criteria

  • Create custom approval emails to display the information that is relevant to your approvers

  • Create custom approval groups

  • Sequence approvals - establish a simple hierarchy of approvers

  • Require a minimum number of approvals before ticket can proceed

  • See pending approvals and approval history

Example of approval actions

Ticket Workflows

Myndbend™ Process Manager allows you to create comprehensive workflows within Zendesk. Use the free app to:

  • Create relationships between tickets

  • Define and enforce ticket dependencies

  • Visualize ticket hierarchy

Upgrade to Premium to automate ticket workflows

  • Create templates for repeatable processes to save your agents time

  • Automatically create tickets based on custom criteria

  • Sync ticket data between linked tickets

  • Automatically create child tickets when another ticket is solved or approved

  • Export tickets with comments, audits, custom fields, and approval details

Example of child ticket workflow

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