Macros Reporting by Pythia

Advanced macros reporting to level up productivity in your Zendesk.


Macros underutilization is the main productivity killer in Zendesk. With optimized macros usage and performance, you can increase your CS productivity to a great extent – and drive CSAT and sales growth as a result.

With Macros Reporting by Pythia you get the most comprehensive analytics on how macros are used across your Zendesk brands, groups, agents, and *ticket forms. Also, you can analyze macros performance using metrics like One-Touch Rate (the ability of the macro to solve a ticket in one reply) and Satisfaction Rate (likeability of making customers satisfied with a reply).

Macros Reporting is available in Basic (starting from $50/mo) and Advanced (starting from $75/mo) plans. See full pricing details here:

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Key benefits

  • Analyze global macros usage trends to understand productivity patterns and CSAT dependencies
  • Track usage per macro level to keep knowledge assets up to date (i.e. deactivate outdated macros)
  • View individual macros usage by agents to close their knowledge gaps with macros taxonomy
  • Find and improve the content of the macros with low One-Touch Rate and Satisfaction Rate

See more details here:

Getting started

  • Enjoy a free 14-day trial to evaluate Pythia's value for your team.
  • No credit card required to start the trial.
  • Cancel the trial anytime by simply uninstalling the app.
  • Restrict access to the app by setting permissions for specific Group(s) or Role(s) (see how here).

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