Customise and extend Zendesk system concepts.

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Systemset is a Zendesk customization paid app and web service from the Cloudset family of extension products for Zendesk.

Extend or restrict core Zendesk concepts to tailor Zendesk to your exact needs. A foundation layer on top of Zendesk’s native base for the other Cloudset Apps in its own right.

Custom system fields move beyond fixed terminology or number of the main Zendesk system fields without losing their distinctive features.

Globally hide fields as not all ticket or people fields need to be exposed; indeed, they can cause clutter and can be undesirable to reveal if they contain system control or redundant data.

A custom Roles Engine provides an abstraction between people and business rules, making business processes easier to design and maintain.

End-user views move beyond a fixed and narrow set of columns displayed in ticket listings to end-users in Zendesk Guide. Choose to add more richness. Offer generically or customize to specific high-worth customers.

The benefits of the Systemset include:

  • Use your own and your customer's terminology
  • Improve accuracy
  • Remove interface clutter
  • Support a wide range of use, spanning support and business tasks
  • Seamlessly integrate into the Zendesk UX and UI

A Cloudset Framework account is created for all new customers, providing a hub for all Cloudset purchased apps, enabling access to Zendesk Guide integration services, and billing management.

Note: The Cloudset Framework, specifically the configuration tools, requires API access to your Zendesk via Zendesk’s secure OAuth mechanism. Revocable at any time.

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