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Automatically apply the correct mail signature with just 1 click!

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Don't waste your time with applying the correct email signature! No matter how many signatures you have - Mail Signature for Zendesk Support allows you to automatically apply the correct mail signature with just 1 click!

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Try the app for free for 30 days. You can cancel the subscription at any time by uninstalling the app.

How It Works

Using Zendesk Mail Signature is easy - here's how it works:
+ Reply to the ticket & click on "Apply Signature".
+ The Zendesk Signature app automatically detects the email address your customer is writing to & applies it to your ticket.
+ e.g. support@yourdomain.com and maria@yourdomain.com can have different signatures applied.

1-Click Mail Signature!


  • Automatically applies the mail signature
  • Saves 9 seconds per ticket on average – cost savings of 2 hours per month per agent
  • Detects the email address your customer is writing to and applies the correct mail signature
  • Use multi-email signatures even in cheaper Zendesk plans, that do not support multi-brand
  • Allows you to have individual signatures for each email address and user
  • Avoid agents applying the wrong macro as a signature, leading to customer confusion and a bad brand reputation

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About Automate My Store

We operate multiple e-commerce stores ourselves we know the day-to-day struggles. During our growth, we often found bottlenecks that slowed us down. Being lazy but experienced developers we instead decided to automate most of these tasks – and now sharing these automations with you!

All our Zendesk apps are in use by our own stores and tested with millions of tickets – and of course, we will always keep them up to date.

Today, 10 000s of agents use the Automate My Store Zendesk Apps every day.

We hope this app can help you improve your workflow as well! If you need a new feature or an adjustment, just shoot us an email at support@automate-my-store.com so we can discuss implementation.

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