Visualize, analyze, and interact with third-party data inside of Zendesk.

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Flare by Faye enables Zendesk users to view, sync, and update customer data from any third-party system in Zendesk. Your customer service agents will be able to view a customer's entire engagement history within a single browser window — empowering them to provide faster, more reliable customer service.

Connect 300+ Systems to Zendesk

Flare Connectors

Using pre-built configurations and customizable options, Flare allows you to connect an endless list of third-party systems to your Zendesk platform. Allow your agents to see up-to-date, contextual records from their favorite systems, like: - NetSuite - Shopify - SAP - Magento - BigCommerce - Sage - QuickBooks - Microsoft - and many more!

In short: If your system can export data, Flare can connect to it.

Connect your ERP system and enable your Zendesk agents to:

  • Track and update inventory
  • Manage recalls
  • See product catalogues
  • View and create invoices
  • Submit RMAs

Connect your E-commerce system and enable your Zendesk agents to:

  • See order histories and details
  • Update client details
  • View fulfilment details
  • See client wish lists

Customize Your Data Views with the No-Code Flare Studio

Bring your external data to life within Zendesk by using the no code Flare Studio. Flare Studio enables you to build contextual table, chart, or card sidebar objects from your connected data within minutes—making sure your agents can focus on the information that is most critical to your customer support process.

Plus, take advantage of our pre-built industry templates for CPG, E-Commerce, Manufacturing and more!

Faye's Zendesk & Industry Expertise

Our depth of Zendesk expertise is showcased through a library of custom-built software enhancements, tools, and integrations (including Flare!) used by 100,000+ users every day.

Plus, we were recognized as the 2022 Vertical Solutions Partner of the Year for our proven work in helping organizations optimize Zendesk to meet their industry-specific requirements.

We have 10+ years of experience helping organizations in these industries to optimize their CX processes and software:

If you have questions about Flare, or if you're ready to get started with Flare, please reach out to us at support@fayedigital.com or visit fayedigital.com/flare-for-zendesk.

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