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ViiBE is a video-assistance and ticketing webapp designed for help desk support

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ViiBE is a video assistance technology dedicated to help desk support in call centers. ViiBE for Zendesk promises the best remote diagnosis thanks to live video stream combined with AR and collaborative tools. ViiBE helps you optimise your customer experience and reduce on-site travels.

Customer pain points prior to integrating ViiBE into Zendesk:

  • Voice communications are limited when detailing with technical incidents
  • Customers in need of assistance have difficulties making their issues understood
  • Subsequent incomplete diagnosis of the problem
  • Needing several calls to establish an accurate diagnosis (low FCR)
  • Long lasting customer device and machine downtime
  • Expensive travels for technicians to help customers
  • Too long of time to resolve incidents, leading to unsatisfied customers (low NPS)

With ViiBE, you can optimise FCR up to 25%, NPS over 30%, and reduce Tech dispatch by 20%.

What is our service?

We provide a dedicated subdomain of ViiBE to our clients. This allows them to use our video communication interface and access their dedicated back-office.

Once the ViiBE app is enabled through your Zendesk platform, simply open a ticket and a ViiBE call button will be embedded so you can immediately start making ViiBE calls.

In the communication interface, a help desk agent can send a link to the customer in need of assistance to start the call. In one click and without download, this person will have access to a ViiBE video communication with the expert. They can then use various collaborative tools to diagnose and solve the problem.

ViiBE call features:

  • Superimposing one’s pointer over the video feed
  • Taking high-quality pictures and drawing on them
  • Sending and saving files
  • Sending messages in the chat box
  • Sharing one’s screen
  • Choosing to analyse the scene via the front or the back camera

When the communication ends, both the call center agent and customer are asked to give their opinions about the quality of the call. This exit ticket helps track KPIs such as NPS, FCR, and customer satisfaction.

Each call creates a new ticket which is accessible in the back-office. The statistics for the tickets are available on a dashboard which is accessible for call center management.

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