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Empower frontline teams with real-time customer feedback, QA, and coaching

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The official Stella Connect app for Zendesk.

Stella Connect is the customer feedback and quality management platform built specifically for customer experience teams. Our intuitive platform makes it easy to harness agent-level customer feedback and deliver high impact coaching and QA programs, driving agent engagement and customer satisfaction.
With Stella Connect, you can capture agent-level performance insights and use them to:

  • Gain visibility into service performance against the metrics that matter most to your team, from NPS and CES to agent-level CSAT
  • Streamline and enhance your Quality Assurance process, and combine QA with real-time customer feedback for deeper insight
  • Deliver in-the-moment coaching to help your agents perform at their best
  • Scale your team more cost-effectively with a platform that scales with you
  • Drive sales and reduce agent attrition - happier front-line teams make for happier customers
  • Power incentive and reward programs that keep your agents engaged and motivated
  • Run high impact service recovery programs to turn negative customer experiences into positives

Our Zendesk integration enables you to:

  • Set pre-defined rules to automatically send out feedback requests after tickets are solved
  • Include interaction tags from Zendesk in Stella Connect to enrich the agent-level feedback you receive
  • Link customer feedback within Stella Connect directly to Zendesk tickets for deeper, more actionable context
  • View your Stella Connect survey results in Zendesk Explore for flexible CSAT reporting
  • Create a service recovery workflow to make things right with customers after subpar service interactions
  • Import Zendesk tickets into Stella Connect to launch QA reviews off of customer interactions
  • View, play, annotate and score transcripts and recordings from Zendesk in Stella Connect

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We are proud to be used by brands that range from disruptive startups through to billion dollar public companies

“In a hyper-growth startup, trying to scale a customer service operation and seeing around the corner is very hard. With Stella Connect, we can pinpoint exactly what works best—when we need more resources, different training, more coaching. We can measure performance on a more granular level.” Nick Martin, \u2028Head of Customer Experience at Harry’s

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Our team is ready to help, reach out at We also regularly have webinars where we dive into all things CX, and our platform

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