Paligo is an enterprise CCMS solution for technical knowledge management.

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Paligo is an enterprise cloud-based Component Content Management System (CCMS) with powerful single-sourcing content reuse for technical documentation, training content, policies and procedures, and efficient knowledge management.

Release and update your Zendesk Guide knowledge base in a fraction of the time with smart topic-based authoring and content reuse in Paligo. In the Zendesk Preflight you have full control over mapping your reused topics into Zendesk articles. Add, remove, update, even set status or ownership, right from Paligo. Paligo has superb translation management and can publish multiple languages to Zendesk at the click of a button. Paligo keeps track of what has already been translated, and you have support for industry standard XLIFF as well as integrations with TMS solutions like Memsource and more. See Paligo’s documentation here.

Installation instructions: Contact Paligo for a demo

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