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Cloud, Premise and Hybrid Call Center Integration Solution + Advanced CX / CTI

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Available only to agents with “Talk - Partner Edition” seats (see ).

Your service desk is often the only connection customers have to your organization. To elevate their experience, give your customer service agents the ability to interact with customers directly within Zendesk. AMC’s DaVinci App for Zendesk provides an embedded UI for customer service agents to place, receive, and transfer customer interactions with real-time access to Zendesk customer data. The DaVinci Agent UI also provides advanced CTI features like screen pop, click-to-dial, call activities and contextual call controls for more productive agents and happier customers.

AMC’s DaVinci solution enables Contact Centers to support customers on their preferred channels. Integrate your existing phone infrastructure as well as digital channels to increase productivity, improve the agent and customer experience and enhance the efficiency of the entire service organization. The DaVinci Solution for Zendesk supports cloud, premise or hybrid channels giving you the ability to add and configure multiple communication channels (voice, sms and chat) for a seamless agent experience.

The DaVinci Creators Studio Info-card based interface makes it easy for your Contact Center administrator to select from pre-built best of breed channel apps and configure the features needed along with agent user profiles. Pre-built channel apps include Avaya, Cisco, Aspect, Twilio and Nexmo. You can also publish your own custom app using our public API’s to extend functionality and create the ideal contact center. Each DaVinci App can share data and events with other DaVinci Apps which streamlines business processes and hand-offs.


  • Integrates multiple communication channels (voice, sms and chat) for a seamless agent experience
  • Agent status, contextual call controls and customizable call notes are easily configurable in support of your contact center business
  • Manages presence across channels, collects agent and channel metrics, and shares customer interaction data with Zendesk
  • Easy to deploy and scales to fit any size organization
  • Supports Cloud and Premise Communications Platforms in a single embedded agent UI
  • DaVinci architecture allows organizations to switch integration points easily

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