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Exalate is a decentralized solution, meaning that it should be installed on both sides of the connection. Get Exalate for Zendesk through this listing. To install Exalate on other supported platforms, go to Exalate integrations.

As a support engineer in Zendesk, when you have an L3/L4 support case you need to escalate the ticket to the engineering team in Jira, Azure DevOps, GitHub, etc. What does this process look like for you now? Do you need to use email or Slack to send over the ticket manually and then chase the developers to get a fix? How many of those tickets do you currently have in your support queue?

Using disparate ITSM tools means information silos, manual errors, misplaced or inaccurate data & missed deadlines. Your organization's growth will severely impact customer satisfaction, retention & revenue.

Integrating your Zendesk with other systems is the most optimal way to ensure that support has full visibility of the ticket status & can focus on what matters the most: customers.

You can use Exalate to sync Zendesk tickets & Jira, ServiceNow, GitHub, Azure DevOps, Salesforce, etc bidirectionally & in real time.


What sets Exalate apart?

  • Flexibility & customizability provided by a scripting engine
  • Granular control over incoming & outgoing sync, on each side
  • Security & reliability by design
  • Real-time sync

Exalate offers a forever Free Plan: - Synchronize up to new 1000 tickets per month - Automate your syncs using the trigger functionality - Sync subject, description, comments & attachments

The Free Plan is automatically activated once the Evaluation expires.

Need more out of your sync? Upgrade to the Premium Plan to get:

  • Limitless flexibility: Sync almost anything including status, custom fields, priorities, assignee and reporter, time logs, due dates, etc.
  • Comment impersonation: In the default behavior, when you sync a comment between Zendesk and another tool, Exalate adds the author's name in the body of the message. In the Premium Plan, you can choose to reflect the original author.
  • Handling private comments: You can choose to sync only private comments, only public comments, or both. The default setting is that all comments are synced.
  • Cloud or on-premise deployment: You can opt to use the Exalate Cloud infrastructure, or you can host the Exalate app on your premise to have full control over your information security.
  • Connect any number of platforms to Zendesk, or just sync multiple Zendesk instances.


Popular use cases:

  • Connect support and development → Zendesk Jira integration/ Zendesk Azure DevOps integration/ Zendesk GitHub integration
  • Connect support and sales/CS → Zendesk Salesforce integration
  • Connect with the outsourced L1 support team → Jira Zendesk integration/ Zendesk to Zendesk integration/ Azure DevOps integration/ Zendesk ServiceNow integration

See Exalate in action:

Watch the video

Book a free session with an integration engineer to go over your use case.

Still have questions? Reach us at info@exalate.com.

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